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Al-Alwani accuses Iran and holds government responsible for assassination plot


Iraqi MP Ahmad al-Alwani
Iraqi MP Ahmad al-Alwani
Al-Sharqiya TV, 13 Oct, 2012 - Ahmed Al-Alwani, Iraqi MP from the Iraqiya slate, escaped from a terrorist explosion targeting his convoy in the town of Abu Ghoraib, west of Baghdad. Two of Al-Alwani’s security guards were injured in this explosion. Security sources said that the bomb targeted Ahmed Al-Alwani’s convoy while passing through an area between the city of Faluja and Baghdad, west of Abu Ghoraib, leading to the injury of two of his security guards and damaging a number of the convoy’s cars. After the remarks that he had made on TV, that raised arguments inside and outside of Parliament, Al-Alvani had received death threats.
Ahmed Al-Alwani, Iraqi MP from the Iraqiya slate: “I openly accuse Iran and hold the Government responsible for this security breach. This is clearly a political targeting. After a series of cases, political targeting is a clear motive. I do not want this issue to be submitted to the investigation committee, so that it will end forever. I ask the Security and Defense Committee and the Parliament Speaker to form an investigation committee. This is not personal targeting. This time it is clear that I was targeted at that location and in that area and there were no signs of a terrorist activity. What terrorist movement or which criminal is it that resorts to such an operation? This is the heart of the issue. I emphasize that Iran is involved in this issue, in targeting particular elements. This explosion was carried out with a delay; threats had started from two months ago. This means that the Iranian decision maker intends to destroy me, and everyone knows of this. This does not dissuade the issue.


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