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MEK and Camp Ashraf: The Final Move


PMOI, Ashraf supporters
PMOI, Ashraf supporters

By: Cynthia Fleury - Humanities and Philosophy Chronicle (October 3)
Translated to English by Nima Sharif
Stop Fundamentalism, 4 Oct 2012 -
It is a historic event. Following the ruling of an appeals court in Washington D.C., and a decision made by the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the United States removed the Iranian Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK) from its list of foreign terrorist organizations. This is a symbolic and political battle that succeeds. The reward is the gain of a strategy of peace and the rebirth of the MEK in the west.
At the same time, the smear campaign continues - is it so surprising, given the historical dimensions of this legal development? Always the same rhetoric: cult, secret funding, seeking hegemony in representing the Iranian resistance, advancing struggle against the Khomeini regime from Iraq in the 1980s, lack of presence of the MEK in the anti-Ahmadinejad green revolution in 2009, aggressive and seasoned public relations ability.
But here, nothing on democratic principles promoted by MEK, including equality of men and women, secularism and freedom of conscience, free elections, and the denuclearization of Iran.
Nothing is said about the fact that a resistance without discipline, integrity and determination, is one that is doomed to extinction and annihilation. Effective opposition to a regime such as the mullahs’ is not an easy task.
Nothing is said on the disarmament since 2003. We have seen more subversive movements. Nothing is said on the humanitarian issue of Ashraf. That is about the massacre of the Mojahedin by Iraqis and Iranian that still continues. They want the MEK to be weak, if not destroyed.
It is said that they are not present in the domestic Iranian opposition. Well of course. It is outlawed by the government in Tehran and its members are persecuted and face death if identified and arrested. Is that really strange?
And they wonder about sources of their funding. That is while a large number of diplomats, politicians and American Generals and also committees support the movement.
And finally, they say that MEK is complicit to Israeli Mossad and Israel. But if so why Dr. Najat Bubakr, a Member of Palestine’s Parliament, attends their meeting during the celebrations of International Women’s Day, defending Camp Ashraf calling Ashraf residents symbols for Iran and the region.
We are not judging the MEK, Mujahedin or the Iranian Resistance. We are judging the concept and aspiration of a free Iran, the one that the MEK advocates.
It is nearly 10 years that this movement is paying the price for the hope for democracy, accepting the risks, dangers.
The fight against Ahmadinejad should unite us. A civilized Iran is in the outlook and is the one that all of us support.
The path to a democratic Iran will definitely be difficult.