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Iraqis condemn unprecedented publications of Iranian leaders’ images in Baghdad


Images of Khamenei in Iraq
Images of Khamenei in Iraq
Al-Babeliya TV, 7 Oct 2012 – The people of condemned the unprecedented publication of Iranian leaders’ images in Baghdad, leading to orders being issued by the prime ministry office to round up the pictures from Baghdad’s roads. A paramilitary group linked to Iran posted nearly 20,000 pictures of Khamenei in a number of Baghdad districts despite the Iraqi people rejecting such measures.
“Some posters that are seen right now are related to religious and political figures. However, if some people want to bring posters of foreigners and officials of neighboring countries into Iraq, this is unacceptable. We know them well enough by now,” one citizen said.
“I don’t like seeing images of religious figures from other countries in Iraq and I call on our officials to now allow the posting of these images,” another citizen said.


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