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Strike and Demonstrations in Tehran Bazaar


Today's anti-regime demonstration in Tehran
Today's anti-regime demonstration in Tehran

Protestors Chant Anti-Government Slogans

Tehran money exchange shops in Lalezar Street staged a strike and demonstration today, shouting anti-government slogans, in protest of the country’s current economic crisis and Rial’s (Iran’s currency) free fall in to new unprecedented lows.
Demonstrators, walking toward Ferdowsi Square, were swarmed by government oppressive forces trying to disperse the them. The faceoff resulted in clashes between the people and oppressive forces and a large number of demonstrators were arrested as a result.
Shopkeepers in Sabzemeidan Bazaar and the surrounding streets of Naser Khosrow also shutdown their shops and gathered in protest at the Bazaar entrances. A number of shopkeepers in the stationeries and grocery items also closed shops.
The Carpet and Tapestry section of Molavi Bazaar since Tuesday and Tehran’s Small Bazaar – located at the end of the old Bazaar- were also closed since Monday.
In Isfahan Gold market was closed on Monday and Tuesday.
Iran’s currency lost 100 percent of its value going from 2200 Toman per Dollar to 4000 since last week. The fall has practically prevented all money exchanges or commerce from taking place which is one of the reasons for the current crisis.
It is important to note that on Monday October 1, over 1000 members of various labor unions in Tehran and Karaj demonstrated in front of the Housing Ministry to protest their lands being taken away by the office of Ali Khamenei.
Mujahedin Social Network inside the country, saluting the proud Iranian Bazaaries, called on the Young Iranians for solidarity and cooperation with protesters.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October3, 2012


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