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FSA deputy commander sends message of solidarity to the Iranians and Syrians demonstrating in New York


Free Syrian Army Deputy Commander Malik al-Kurdi
Free Syrian Army Deputy Commander Malik al-Kurdi
Free Syrian Army Deputy Commander Malik al-Kurdi sent a message of support and solidarity to the thousands of Iranians and Syrians demonstrating in New York against the presence of Ahmadinejad at the United Nations General Assembly and celebrating the PMOI delisting from the US blacklist.
“Hail to you on behalf of all officers, to all of you who have gathered here to express your opposition to the killings that are taking place in Syria and Iran,” al-Kurdi said.
“Massacres being carried out by the two regimes of Assad and Ahmadinejad, crimes they are committing by violation human rights in these two countries,” he added.
“It is well known for all of you that Iran is assisting Assad not only in guidance, military experience and weapons, but this regime continues to dispatch Revolutionary Guards personnel to the scenes of Syria and Lebanon. This is what the Iranian Resistance leadership announced, that IRGC personnel have been dispatched to Syria and Lebanon. To this day many of these individuals have been arrested and I assure you many more will be arrested soon,” FSA deputy commander continued.
“Supporting this organization (PMOI), supporting freedom activists around the world and especially supporting Syria, they were forced to depart their land, came to Iraq and stationed in Ashraf. Now, they have gone to Liberty. Right now, our Iranian brothers are in harsh conditions in this camp. Therefore, we call on international organizations, the United Nations, to rise to their responsibilities towards this camp to have this site and its residents completely placed under UN supervision because they are in harsh conditions. Also, I call on all of you my brothers to use all your assets and with the highest voice demand that all ambassadors and members of diplomatic missions of Assad’s regime and the delegation affiliated to Ahmadinejad be expelled from the UN,” he concluded.