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Barzani describes Maliki as threat for all Iraqis


Iraq’s Kurdish regional leader Massud Barzani
Iraq’s Kurdish regional leader Massud Barzani
Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government President Massud Barzani described Nouri Maliki as a threat for all Iraqis, al-Hurra and al-Sharqiya TV stations reported.
“The person who makes the decisions in Baghdad today is a great threat for all Kurdish and Iraqi parties and everyone must take up their responsibilities in this regard,” Barzani stressed.
The Kurdish leader stressed Maliki is not obligated to any of the agreements, adding the problem is in a perspective that believes in using force instead of dialogue.
“I tell those with these perspectives that the era of returning military and security forces and the police, and imposing their rule on the people is over with,” Barzani stressed.
“We will not allow Iraq to return back to those days and we will not allow the interests of the Kurdish people and others in Iraq be sacrificed for any regional plot or narrow-minded viewpoint,” the KRG President added.
He added the decision-makers in Iraq have forgotten the Iraqi people’s demands and by continuously creating various crises they are trying to cover-up the shortages. Based on all standards the central government has not been successful in providing services for the people.


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