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Iraqi support for Camp Liberty residents’ rights


Monument of Solidarity between the Iranian and Iraqi people – Camp Ashraf
Monument of Solidarity between the Iranian and Iraqi people – Camp Ashraf

Iraqi Sheikhs, Dignitaries and Symbols Council Statement
We support the statement of the international committee In Search of Justice. We demand that Camp Liberty be connected to Baghdad’s municipal water network. The residents should be allowed to pump and purify water from a canal rear Liberty. Currently, the residents, as a result of water shortages, are in a critical situation and from a moral and humanitarian perspective this is unacceptable. We demand the implementation of minimum human rights by international organizations, especially the UN.

The New Era Organization
We strongly condemn the mistreatment of our honorable guests, the PMOI at Camps Ashraf and Liberty. Such limitations and pressures will never be accepted by us. We urge all international sides, especially the UN, to immediately intervene in this issue and resolve the residents’ problems, especially connecting Camp Liberty to the Baghdad water grid.

The Sadat Ashraaf Society
The policies of the Iraqi Government in implementing pressure and limitations on Camp Liberty residents are currying favor for the Iranian regime.
We in the Sadat Ashraaf  Society condemn such policies by the Iraqi Government. As the people of Iraq we will never accept such treatment, which are inconsistent with Islamic and Arabic customs and traditions.

The Cooperation Organization for Human Rights
The residents of Liberty and Ashraf are our guests. Forcible relocation from Ashraf to Liberty has been forced to them in order to please the Iranian regime. As a civil society organization, we demand that members of the Iranian opposition be returned to Ashraf. The demands of the international committee of In Search of Justice are also our demands.

Iraqi Freedom Center for Legal Studies
The water shortage at Camp Liberty is an intolerable and shameful act of the Iraqi Government. We ask that how do you want to relocate another group of Ashraf residents to Liberty while there isn’t enough water for the current 2000 residents? 
It is surprising that UNAMI supports this demand, which is a violation of human rights. To this end, we call on the UN representative in Iraq to rise to his true responsibilities which is safeguarding human rights.

Center for Legal Studies to Raise Human Rights in Iraq
The Maliki government must be accountable for its repressive treatment of Camp Liberty residents. We call on the Iraqi Parliament to take legal measures in the parliament to connect Camp Liberty to Baghdad’s water grid and ask the Iraqi Government to implement this as soon as possible.
We call on UNAMI end its silence towards the Iraqi Government’s breach of commitments and by recognizing Camp Liberty as a refugee camp, prevent the Iraqi Government’s pressures and psychological war against the camp’s defenseless residents.
The American – Iraqi Organization for Human Rights
In the intolerable heat of Baghdad, the lack of water as the basic substance of life, has increased the humanitarian problems of Camp Liberty residents. Such measures by the Iraqi Government against the residents are violations of international human rights principles. The American – Iraqi Organization for Human Rights calls on the Iraqi Government to live up to its commitments and obligations, which it pledged to the UN regarding the residents of Camp Liberty.

The Iraqi Supporters of Change Association
The fundamental issue is that the minimum legal and legitimate requests and humanitarian needs of Camp Liberty residents, which have been underscored in thousands of statements and declarations, have not been fulfilled. The relocation of Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty residents’ properties; provision of potable water and fuel, transfer of special vehicles and trailers for the disabled to Camp Liberty, are all necessary issues.

The Kurdish Committee in Defense of Ashraf
Contrary to the remarks and commitments of US and UN officials, “Liberty” meets no humanitarian standard.
The Kurdish Committee in Defense of Ashraf calls on all sides, especially the UN Secretary General and the US Government, to press the Iraqi Government to end its inhumane pressures against the residents and implement its agreements and protect Camp Liberty residents.

Dr. Hamid Adel Al-Bafi, Iraqi MP from Kurdistan Coalition
Camps Ashraf and Liberty residents are refugees and their full humanitarian rights, including protection, must be respected. Any harm done to them will darken Iraq’s reputation.

Taiseer Al-Alousi, Researcher, Political Science Professor, Chair of Al-Summeriya Human Rights Watch, Chair of Iraqi Cultural Parliament in the Netherlands
On a daily basis suppressive plots are planned in Tehran and implemented at Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty through violations of human rights. The international tendency to delist the PMOI is an answer to the reality on the ground, since the PMOI is struggling to resolve the problems of the Iranian people.