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The Quds Force in Iraq


Clerical regime’s terrorist Quds Force
Clerical regime’s terrorist Quds Force

In order to increase its influence, the Quds Force has expanded its activities in Iraq. The Iranian regime has recently increased taking different Iraqi delegations to Iran.
Kermanshah, Illam, Khuzestan and Kurdistan provinces are the official routes used by the Quds Force for transferring and distributing the delegations. To this end, the clerical regime has organized different offices and centers. Their main responsibility is facilitating the transportation of the delegations from Iraq. Some of these centers include:
• Foreign Ministry representative’s office
• Tactical military bases
• Travel agencies and public service offices

The delegations are initially stationed in the border governorates and then dispatched to Tehran, Mashhad and Qom by the Quds Force. All transportations are directed and controlled by commanders and agents of the Quds Force. They also pay for all the expenses.
The purpose of taking such delegations to Iran is hiring them for terrorist activities of the Quds Force and also using them in conspiracies against Ashraf residents.


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