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Iraqiya members condemn Maliki’s deadline to close down Ashraf


Iraqiya Faction
Iraqiya Faction
Iraqiya Coalition member Abdullah Kazem denounced any kind of deadline being imposed against Ashraf residents by the Iraqi government.
“What is taking place in Camp Ashraf must be based on international laws,” he said. “We insist on humane behavior and support the residents with the utmost seriousness.”
On other hand, the Iraqiya Assembly in Diyala Province issued a statement condemning the Iranian regime’s new conspiracy against Ashraf residents.
“A session was held in the town of Khales by elements affiliated to the Iranian regime with the objective to threaten and carry out a conspiracy against Ashraf residents,” the statement read. “This is while the UNHCR and EU special representative are on the verge of resolving this sensitive case in a peaceful and lasting manner. We condemn such sessions that have nothing to do with the residents of this province and clearly pursue the Iranian regime’s agenda. We also warn against the Iranian regime taking advantage of the current complex political situation in Iraq.”


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