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Widespread uprising of Iranians against clerical d

Iranian regime fear regarding covering Azerbaijani’s people uprising by Simaye-Azadi


Protests in Urumiyeh and Tabriz
Protests in Urumiyeh and Tabriz
Fars news agency (affiliated to the Revolutionary Guard Corps) complained over coverage of uprising of people in Azerbaijan Province (northwestern Iran) by Simaye-Azadi (Iran National Television) and other Resistance media. Fars went on to write, dissidents media mostly affiliated with Mojahedin reported Urumiyeh people being killed and injured during the recent unrests.
The Mehr news agency (associated to the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security), revealing its fears of the consequences of the crackdown of the people of Tabriz and Urumiyeh and the continuation of their uprising against the mullahs’ dictatorship, asked for rapid solution to the Lake Urumiyeh issue. Mehr added it is not a good decision to confront harshly with any gathering.


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