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Widespread uprising of Iranians against clerical d

Iran: Najaf Abad residents protest harassment of teenager by government mullah


Protest gathering at Isfahan’s Najaf Abad – File Photo
Protest gathering at Isfahan’s Najaf Abad – File Photo
Residents of Najaf Abad near Isfahan, central Iran, protested the harassment of a 17-year old teenager by a government mullah.
Based on incoming reports, the publication of a film of this repulsive act carried out by the mentioned mullah named Hedayat Foruzbakhsh – dispatched to Najaf Abad by the Iranian regime as the prayer leader – raised the anger of the locals who protested outside this mullah’s house.  The protesters intended to beat the mullah yet the State Security Forces prevented them from doing so.
Further reports indicate the atmosphere in Najaf Abad is tense and the Iranian regime’s elements are attempting to prevent this news from spreading.