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Mullahs’ reaction to Iranian’s gathering in Paris


The Iranian regime’s state-run Fars News Agency affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards wired a report in reaction to the large gathering of Iranian Resistance supporters in Paris. Excerpts of this report are as follows:
In a gathering in Paris, Maryam Rajavi called on the UN for protection of Camp Ashraf, and while only 3 people of the Mojahedin were killed on April 8th, she has claimed 36 were killed. She said: “Iraqi armed forces must evacuate Camp Ashraf and an impartial inquiry into the April 8th incident must begin.”
Acting as the guardian of Maliki’s government, Fars added: The Iraqi government has recently emphasized on the expulsion of the elements of this terrorist grouplet from this country and the complete closure of Camp Ashraf. Baghdad has announced the involvement of the members of this grouplet in crimes against the Iraqi people during the former regime’s rule and the designation of this organization as a foreign terrorist organization by the Iraqi government and international organization as the reason behind this measure.
This is while the US government has recently presented a plan to temporarily resettle Ashraf residents in Iraq in another location until their final relocation to a third country, and is attempting to delist the Monafeqin (term used for the PMOI by the Iranian regime) grouplet and justify its activities once again.


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