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Mullahs’ regime welcomes Maliki’s inhumane treatment of Ashraf residents


Nuri al-Maliki
Nuri al-Maliki

The Iranian regime’s state-run TV announced Mullahs’ regime’s welcoming of Maliki’s inhumane treatment of Ashraf residents. This report went on to describe Maliki’s orders for the US congressional delegation to leave Iraq following criticism expressed by the group against Baghdad regarding its treatment of residents in Camp Ashraf as “The Iraqi Prime Minister’s firm stance towards US delegation regarding the Monafeqin” (term used by the Iranian regime for the PMOI).
The mullahs’ state TV added: By supporting the Monafeqin during their visit to Baghdad, the US delegation angered officials of this country including the Prime Minister. In its meeting with Nouri Maliki, this delegation requested to visit the Monafeqin’s base known as Ashraf, and the compensation of US invasion costs by Iraq.

In an unprecedented stance, the Iraqi government officially requested from the US Embassy for the high-ranking US congressional delegation to leave the country, Iranian state-run TV added. The Iraqi government spokesman said Camp Ashraf is part of Iraqi soil and the government will now allow any foreigner, even Americans, to visit this location.