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The execution verdict of political prisoner Jafar Kazemi, was handed to the prison for implementation


Jafar Kazemi
Jafar Kazemi
Voice of America TV, 21 January, 2011
The International Human Rights Campaign in Iran says that the execution verdict of political prisoner Jafar Kazemi, imprisoned in the Evin Prison accused of supporting and relations with the PMOI was handed to the prison for implementation.
This is a report of an interview by Kianoush Sanjeri with Roudabeh Akbari, the wife of Jafar Kazemi:
Kianoush Sanjeri: Political prisoner Jafar Kazemi who is imprisoned in the Evin Prison and is accused of collaborating with the PMOI is on the brink of execution. Roudabeh Akbari says that her husband’s execution verdict has been referred to Evin Prison for implementation.
Roudabeh Akbari: The word on his execution has been passed on person to person, meaning that his lawyer hasn’t seen him to let him know, yet his lawyer has been informed.
Kianoush Sanjeri: Jafar Kazemi was a lithographer in Tehran’s Amir Kabir University. He was detained in August of last year in a street protest following presidential elections. The Revolutionary Court accused him of moharebeh (enmity against God) through his cooperation with the PMOI and sentenced him to execution.  Naseem Qanavi, Mr. Kazemi’s Lawyer, has previously denounced the moharebeh charge on her client in an interview with Voice of America. 
Naseem Qanavi: A person is accused of moharabeh who takes up arms and causes terror and fear over people. Just because he was a supporter of the PMOI in the 1980’s and had not been related in any activities whatsoever, this is not an example of moharabeh from my point of view as a lawyer.
Kianoush Sanjeri: Jafar Kazemi’s son Behrooz is residing in the PMOI base in Iraq. Mr. Kazemi visited him in the PMOI base. His wife said that the court related to the phone line he purchased to hear the voice of his son.
Roudabeh Akbari: My husband wasn’t even carrying a pin. We only had a phone line which once in a while I heard the voice of my son through. This is the only evidence they had on my husband that they claim he had contact with them (PMOI).  
Kianoush Sanjeri: Ali Saremi who was also in contact with the PMOI was executed on 28 December 2010. Now, the wife of Jafar Kazemi says that the shadow of execution has shaded over her husband. Jafar Kazemi spent the years of 1981 to late 1990 in prison for supporting the PMOI.