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Ayatollahs’ gallows and lashes of their followers in Iraq



By: Dawoud Basri
AL-SEYASSAH daily, Kuwait, December 31, 2010

The Iranian regime has deliberate intentions in announcing the execution of men and women of the nationalists and growing Iranian opposition, without any fears or worries from international public opinion or human rights organizations. Basically, this is an arrogant and imperious regime, with no value or respect whatsoever amongst anyone instead of its own suppressive, deceitful and lying devils. In the meantime, those affiliated to the Iranian regime in Iraq – being the members of the Iranian ‘al-Dawa’ party and their conspirators – carry out special programs and missions issued and ordered by the velayat-faqih circles. They have been assigned to carry out these requests in Camp Ashraf, home to Iranian refugees. They are enforcing physical and shameful pressures against Iranian dissidents, all with no fears of the Americans. Furthermore, Iraq’s sectarian militias and mercenaries of Iran’s IRGC have taken actions to enter Iranian forces inside the camp to directly carry out their intentions. Measures such beating, insulting, torturing and killing all take place very clearly in cooperation with Iranian entities in Iraq.
There is no doubt that the recent execution of Mr. Mohammad Ali Saremi by the Iranian regime was for visiting his refugee son in ‘Camp Ashraf’. This camp is actually one of the security cards cooperated over by the two Iranian-Iraqi delegations. This issue has disgraced the mutual cooperation between the two parties and today, the Iranians are harvesting the seeds they planted in the 1980s. Gallows in Tehran and their friends with lashes in hand in the ‘al-Dawa’ Party in Iraq, all these are terrorist assets which are mainly utilized to crackdown freedom lovers and PMOI members who have dedicated their lives for freedom. The issue of ‘Camp Ashraf’ must be dealt with according to relevant humanitarian principles and laws, and international laws. It is not in the Iraqi people’s interests to have enmity against the Iranian opposition, participate in their suppression, or transfer them to the gallows of the Iranian regime.
The future is bright and it will not be similar to today. Those in power today will turn into not only the defeated, but also the hated, bearing the weight of their crimes on their shoulders and having their backs broken under heavy crime dossiers. Neither the henchmen’s gallows nor their supporters’ lashes will be able to alter the victorious path of history that has always been in favor of the people and the nations. Freedom lovers will always prevail, yet dictators, they will be the raw and fat-filled substance in history’s dustbin. And all the imaginations, illusions and lies of holiness will vanish. Victory only belongs to freedom.