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Iranian regime intelligence ministry threatens Iraqi journalists supporting Ashraf


Safi al-Yaseri
Safi al-Yaseri
NCRI, 28 October 2010 – The Iranian regime’s intelligence ministry and its embassy in Baghdad have ‎threatened Iraqi journalists who support the main opposition members in Camp Ashraf, ‎near Baghdad.‎
A prominent Iraqi journalist, Safi al-Yaseri, has revealed that he received threatening ‎letters from regime agents, decrying his support for Iranian opposition members in Ashraf, ‎and telling him that a legal case against him “is going through the initial stages of ‎evidence gathering.”‎
Previously, the Iranian regime’s new ambassador, Hassan Danaifar, threatened Iraqi ‎figures on his first day in office that anyone who accuses the Iranian regime of meddling ‎in Iraq will be prosecuted in Iraqi courts.‎
In their letters to Iraqi journalists, the Iranian regime’s intelligence ministry agents claim ‎that they “will soon” hand over CDs full of evidence against the journalists to Iraq’s ‎criminal court.‎
Mr. Yaseri has written an open letter to the Iranian regime’s ambassador in Baghdad, who ‎is a well-known commander of the terrorist Qods Force, saying, “I am confident that you ‎are behind the latest threatening letters sent to me.”‎
‎“When you see that the bubble of the mullahs’ Supreme Leader’s power has burst even in ‎the mind of an old Iraqi man, you get scared. When you see that an Iraqi stands firm and ‎tells you to get out of Iraq, I can imagine what kind of pressure and vengeance you feel ‎inside. ...”‎