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New report of protests in Iran

City of Borazjan, Iran
City of Borazjan, Iran

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, June 11, 2018 - New reports are incoming from a variety of cities throughout Iran indicating numerous protests staged by people from all walks of life.


Car buyers holding a protest rally outside Kerman Khodro (Car) Company


From early Monday morning, the cities of Ahvaz, Tehran, Shadegan, Borazjan, and Izeh have witnessed rallies by workers and other groups of people protesting poor living conditions, social crises, and theft by authorities and state companies.


Mallathani farmers blocking a road


Employees of the Ahvaz National Steel Group staged a demonstration on Kianpars Avenue marching towards the governor’s office, once again demanding their overdue wages, the requests they have been seeking for the past few months and also the issue of this industrial unit’s ownership.

On Sunday these workers had protested the authorities’ refusal to pay their paychecks and delayed demands. In response, they raised roadblocks on the Ahvaz-Tehran rail tracks.

The protesting workers also blocked the city’s Lashkar Bridge outside the Halal Theater.

In Tehran, car buyers from the Kerman Motor Co. rallied outside the firm’s office, protesting the company’s refusal to live up to their pledges and contracts. The Kerman Motor Co. has recently issued a letter to its buyers saying they are running low on auto parts and cannot deliver the vehicles these buyers were promised. This letter comes 10 days prior to the delivery dates and the buyers are extremely angry.

The people of Shadegan staged yet another rally outside the Farabi Farming & Industries Co. State security forces attacked the protesters, arresting many of the those seeking jobs.

In Borazjan, a number of people rallied outside the city’s water department building, protesting water shortages.


Borazjan, Iran

City of Borazjan, Iran


In Izeh, store-owners of the Anzan Par market held a rally protesting the authorities’ unfulfilled promises to provide loans.

Izeh protest rally

Izeh protest rally


On Sunday, bus drivers in Mashhad, northeast Iran, went on strike, protesting low bus fairs and other problems that have remained unanswered by the authorities.

Truck drivers in this city remain on strike, protesting the authorities’ failure to live up to their own promises. The drivers are saying if the authorities refuse to answer to their demands, they will launch an even more widespread strike beginning June 22nd.

In Shush, southwest Iran, retired employees of the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company are protesting how they have not received their retirement pensions for the past two years and the checks they have received being turned back by the banks. This rally was held for the second consecutive day outside the company’s management office.

In Mahshahr, southwest Iran, a group of workers and expelled employees of the Kalay Petrochemical Co. rallied outside the governor’s office in this city.