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More MEPs, French mayors support Iranian opposition convention

Free Iran Grand Gathering
Free Iran Grand Gathering

Reported by PMOI/MEK


June 22, 2018 - This year’s Iranian opposition convention in Paris, scheduled for June 30th, is being welcomed by more lawmakers, Members of the European Parliament and French Mayors.

MEPs from Croatia, Estonia, Finland and the United Kingdom sent a separate message supporting the Iranian people’s uprising and their call for democracy and human rights, in addition to announcing their intention to participate in the Free Iran rally.


MEP Jozo Radoš, a Croatian liberal politician, and former defense minister, currently serving as one of 11 Croatian members of the European Parliament.

“Dear friends, we in the European Parliament are very much encouraged by nationwide protests and strikes in Iran. More than 200 MEPs signed a joint statement in support of the uprising. The top leaders of the Iranian regime, such as the Supreme Leader himself as well as Hassan Rouhani, the president, have confessed to the role of the main opposition, the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), in these protests. The PMOI/MEK have called for the formation of protest centers inside Iran, which will play a vital role in the resistance against the mullahs. As you know, the annual meeting in Paris will be held this year on Saturday, June 30th, in solidarity with the uprising. I look forward to see a successful gathering and hope everyone will join us.”


MEP Tunne Kelam from Estonia

“On Saturday, June 30th, thousands of people will gather from all around the world to give their support to Iranian democratic resistance under Maryam Rajavi. We’ll assemble in Paris as usual. We have been conducting this event from one year to another, but this year will be especially crucial because every sign is there that the Iranian regime is going to change and that the present dictatorship will not last. Welcome to you all. Let us meet in Paris on June 30th.”



Julie Ward is a British Member of the European Parliament for North West England.

“Dear friends, I have been closely following the situation of Iran for the past few years. I am very much concerned about the human rights violations and the repression of women, in particular. I have always believed that the people of Iran, with such a rich history, deserve not to be ruled by a group of backward, medieval mullahs. I am particularly troubled by the way the security forces are treating women to impose compulsory hijab. And therefore, the resistance against this regime by the PMOI and by Maryam Rajavi for a free, secular Iran has had my sympathy and support. I was therefore pleased to witness the uprising of the Iranian people in January and the escalation of protests and strikes which are happening in Iran every day. Sadly the regime has responded with more repression, more arrests, and more torture. The annual gathering in Paris, which this year will be on Saturday, June 30th, is an opportunity to express our solidarity with the people of Iran and this year is special because of this year’s continuing, ongoing uprisings in the country. I wish my Iranian friends and the organizers to have an excellent and successful gathering.”



Petri Juha Sarvamaa is a Finnish politician and Member of the European Parliament from Finland

“Dear friends, I would like to extend my full support and solidarity with all of those who are fighting for a free and democratic Iran. We in the European Parliament have for many years closely following your struggle against the religious dictatorship that has been ruling your country for nearly four decades.
“I think it is our duty, here, as elected politicians, to openly support the democratic opposition against the tyrants. I, therefore, would like to express my strong support for your huge gathering that will be held on June 30th in Paris and I’m sure the meeting will be a great success. The best of all to all of you.”



French Mayor Dominique Toscani

“I am joining this movement. I will be sending a group of my colleagues to Villepinte on June 30th for this convention. I encourage all French mayors the same and join this movement and support the Iranian people. We must insist on respecting human rights, including in Iran and in all countries across the globe. I hope we all come to understand that these conditions must end and Iranians must regain freedom, and as we say in France, equality so that the suffering people regain their lives.



French Mayor Christian Acnoush

“The Iranian people’s uprising in late 2017 made me especially happy. This uprising continues as we speak. This resembles the Iranian people’s will to overthrow the religious dictatorship and realize democratic change.

“I hope the Iranian people will eventually obtain freedom and I am certain the resulting changes in Iran will end this fundamentalist government’s meddling in neighboring countries and help establish world peace.”



French Mayor Marian Lemoin

“I call upon you to support Mrs. Rajavi to defend freedom in Iran. Our rendezvous on June 30th in Villepinte. Freedom is a very important issue in 2018.”


Visit this website for more information on this upcoming convention.


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