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Lebanese officials reject Tehran’s missile offers

Iranian regime FM Javad Zarif
Iranian regime FM Javad Zarif

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Lebanon, Feb. 12, 2019 - During his visit to Lebanon, Iranian regime foreign minister Javad Zarif expressed the willingness of his government to cooperate with the newly formed Lebanese government and offer support in all sectors.

Lebanon formed the new government last week after a nine-month vacuum. Zarif was on a trip to meet with Lebanese officials, including the President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.

Zarif was supposedly on a mission to promote solidarity between the government and peoples of Iran and Lebanon. But he also met with Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Lebanese Hezbollah, the paramilitary group founded, funded and trained by the Iranian regime since the 1980s.

A few days earlier, Nasrallah had explicitly admitted that his organization is receiving missiles from the Iranian regime. “I will tell you with clarity and honesty, the Islamic Republic has been supplying all our needs, from medical pills to missiles. We couldn’t have supplied these without them,” Nasrallah said.

But in response to Zarif’s advances, Lebanese Premier Saad Hariri said that the Lebanese army already has special plans to cooperate with the United States and its allies. “What Iran is saying about arming the Lebanese army is just words, nothing more,” Hariri said.

It’s worth reminding that a few years ago, Lebanese President Michel Aoun, a Hezbollah ally, made similar propositions after negotiations with the Iranian regime, only to be rejected by Hariri and his allies.

Zarif’s proposal came only days after Nasrallah demanded the Lebanese government to receive anti-aircraft weapons from the Iranian regime to confront Israel. He also said, “Iran is also ready to provide electricity and medication to Lebanon.”

The Iranian regime’s propositions to send weapons and money to neighboring countries is coming at a time that Iran's own economy is reeling under corruption and mismanagement of government officials and institutions.

Every day, different Iranian cities are witnessing protests by workers who haven’t received their salaries for several months. Teachers and students are regularly protesting to destructive policies of the government that are jeopardizing the safety and education of future generations. Farmers are protesting against government mismanagement resulting in droughts and lack of access to vital irrigation waters. Citizens of earthquake- and flood-stricken areas are protesting to lack of government relief efforts and safeguards to prevent damages to the lives of the people.

A common theme in the protests are slogans against the regime's costly agendas in the countries of the Middle East. "Leave Syria, think about us" and "No to Gaza, no to Lebanon, my life for Iran" have become popular slogans in Iranian protests.

But the Iranian regime continues to insist on squandering the riches of the country and its people on strengthening its influence in neighboring countries.


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