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Leader of Albanian Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu addresses tens of thousands at Free Iran Rally

Excerpts from the speech by Fatmir Mediu, Leader of Albanian Republican Party at FreeIran2018 Convention


Many people ask why Albanians offered to help our friends from Iran. The answer is simple. We want live by each other happiness, freedom and prosperity and not by each other's miseries.

The end of 2017 and nowadays Iranian people are standing up for their freedom and their liberty and we are here to support them. What more needs to happen that people will stand by you. What more needs to happen that the international community see what is going on in Iran. Many brave men and women in your country have stood up. Many have sacrificed their lives, but they do not need just the words of sorrow. They need the ones that believe in freedom and liberty and democracy and stand up to do their part. No flower lasts forever. No man lasts forever. Only one thing lasts forever, the dream for being free. Dream for happiness for our lives our families and our children. The firm belief that was given by God cannot be taken by man. Liberty, you will never perish so never give up never, never give up, Thank you.  


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