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Khamenei makes significant confessions in Iranian new year speech

Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of the mullah’s regime in Iran
Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of the mullah’s regime in Iran

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


March 22, 2019In a recent message issued for Nowruz, the Iranian calendar New Year, Ali Khamenei, the mullahs' regime supreme leader, once again sought to portray a completely different image of the failures his regime is facing. Khamenei, however, was forced to acknowledge the Iranian people’s escalating difficulties during the past 12 months.

All the while Khamenei sought to save face by flaring internal disputers and holding the government of Hassan Rouhani responsible for all the country’s crises. Of course, it is common knowledge for the Iranian people that Rouhani is nothing but another character in Khamenei’s masquerade.

“We surpassed a very adventurous year,” he said, indirectly referring to the ongoing uprising and protests across the country that are also witnessing a growing trend. “Our enemies had plans for the Iranian people,” he said, expressing relief that his regime has not being toppled yet.

“The people… showed a strong response in the political and economic perspectives,” he added, using the term ‘people’ in place for his regime and resorting to such remarks to save face. Having no examples to cite for his remarks, Khamenei referred to the enormously embarrassing February 11 gathering as an indication of his regime’s popularity. That rally, when the regime sought to mark its 40th anniversary, was widely boycotted by the Iranian people in a show of their hatred for the mullahs’ regime.

“Economically, we have many issues. The lowering value of the national currency is an important matter. So is the people’s purchasing power. The problems facing our factories, unemployment, and in some cases, some of our factories closing down. These are issues,” Khamenei said in reference to his regime’s economic dilemmas.

“I have studied these issues and listened to the experts. The key to all these issues is developing our national production,” he said, claiming to have the key to all these problems.

“We named last year, 1397, as the year of ‘supporting Iranian products.’ I can’t say this motto was completely implemented. However, I can say that this slogan was acknowledged at a wide scale,” Khamenei claimed after announcing this Iranian calendar year, 1398, as the year of “Production Growth.”

“If production is launched as it should, it can solve both our poor living standards and provide what we are in need of from foreigners, including countries that are our enemies. It can also resolve our unemployment and national currency issues to a significant extent,” Khamenei added.

These remarks, despite all his devious intentions, are made by the regime’s leader in a desperate attempt to save face. However, he obviously cannot deny his deep concerns for the new year which he has already warned deeply about. Back in December, Khamenei specifically said the enemy had plans for 2018, yet their true aim is to implement those blueprints in 2019.