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Iran’s truckers continue nationwide strike into seventh day

Truckers are continuing their nationwide protest and general strike
Truckers are continuing their nationwide protest and general strike

Reported by PMOI/MEK


May 28, 2018 - Reports from a variety of Iran’s cities on Monday indicate truckers are continuing their nationwide protests and a growing general strike. These protests have expanded to 242 cities in all of Iran’s 31 provinces.



Bus drivers in various cities are also joining this expanding movement and expressing their solidarity.

Minibus drivers in Yazd, central Iran, were seen rallying in support of the truck drivers, holding a gathering outside the city’s Road & Transportation Dept.




Iran’s truck drivers are protesting low wages, skyrocketing prices of spare parts and other fees in this profession.

The truck drivers have provided a full list of their rightful demands:

  1. A minimum 50 percent raise in paychecks for domestic and foreign transfers
  2. Increase in monthly fuel ration so the drivers are not forced to purchase fuel at station rates
  3. Respecting the drivers’ private lives
  4. Adopting a new law to decrease commission fees from 14 percent to seven percent
  5. Authorities to monitor commission fees received from the drivers, especially at terminals in major cities such as Tehran, Yazd, Bandar Abbas, Kerman and …
  6. Drivers’ wages should be paid based on tons/kilometer so the rights of drivers and load owner are equally respected.
  7. Decreasing social security insurance rates and including driving as a harsh task to receive special coverage
  8. Decreasing road toll fees
  9. Decreasing annual truck taxes
  10. Establishing a faction in the Iranian regime’s parliament to support the country’s large transportation industry




People from all walks of life are also protesting and seeking their demands.

Taxi drivers in Tehran and Isfahan are also on strike and express solidarity with their fellow truck driver colleagues.

Students of Tehran’s Art University rallied yesterday, protesting the transfer of their school to another location.

Such protests are becoming a major strain for Iran’s authorities.

Iranian regime security forces intend to “resolutely confront” protests, according to a judiciary spokesman on Sunday. Rallies and demonstrations are expanding as waves across the country with people raising major economic issues and fuel the protests into gaining political nature.