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Iran’s regime postpones FATF approval

Ridiculous scene of Iran’s so-called “MPs” protesting the FATF bill
Ridiculous scene of Iran’s so-called “MPs” protesting the FATF bill

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, June 10, 2018 - The Iranian regime’s so-called parliament postponed the approval of a bill calling for Tehran’s approval and entrance into the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) convention focusing on anti-money laundering measures.

The regime’s parliament members have agreed to postpone any review of this bill for at least two months until the result of negotiations with Europe are clarified. 138 yes votes over 103 votes against and six abstainers.

Accordingly, the assessment of this bill will be delayed for another two months. This goes to show that Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei will continue money laundering to provide for his terrorist proxies across the globe. Furthermore, the Iranian people will be the ones paying the price as a result.

“In this regard Mr. Borujerdi (head of the parliament’s National Security & Foreign Affairs Commission) also has reservations on this subject and these two months will provide the time needed to resolve these issues,” said parliament speaker Ali Larijani.

Other parliament members were also voicing long-term concerns.

“80 percent of the sanctions imposed against the Islamic republic are American secondary sanctions against our people (read the regime). Why should we even be joining this initiative?” asked Hossein Taghavi Hosseini, spokesman for the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Affairs committee.

“Why are placing ourselves in conditions where our intelligence will be placed completely at our enemy’s disposal and they will be able to take measures against us and control all our moves. Based on the FATF, un-sanctioned entities cannot have any collaboration with sanctioned entities,” he added.

“The only solution in joining this convention is that it enables the Americans to pinpoint their sanctions. Listen carefully. These are expressions exchanged between diplomats of the U.S. and Europe. They say now that the Islamic Republic of Iran has precision missiles, we need to have precision sanctions,” Hosseini claimed.