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Iran’s handicraft industry on the verge of extinction

Once a flourishing industry, Iran’s handicrafts are in danger these days
Once a flourishing industry, Iran’s handicrafts are in danger these days

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, June 6, 2018 - Unbridled imports are a hallmark of the Iranian regime’s policies. One victim has been the country’s very famous and once prosperous handicrafts industry.

Many people employed in this field of work are finding it difficult to continue and are on the verge of going bankrupt, as regime officials are known to import cheaper Chinese items.

“It’s not worth it anymore. I’m rounding everything up,” one such expert says in Isfahan, central Iran.

Experts involved in this field of work, famous since ancient Persia, used to enjoy high sales inside the country and abroad. Tourists traveling to Iran were seen purchasing such popular goods at a large scale.

One reason behind this major nosedive has been the policy employed by the mullahs’ regime to import large amounts of handicrafts from China.

Today, in the city of Isfahan, Chinese handicrafts are found in more abundance than Isfahan’s own goods. Chinese goods have nearly engulfed all of Iran’s market.

“Isfahan produces more than 70 percent of Iran’s entire handicrafts market. Why should the country’s capital of art and industry allow the selling of Chinese goods?” asks Mehdi Mir Mohammadi, a 43-year-old craftsman who has been in this field for nearly 20 years.

“We raised our voice quite a bit regarding this issue, only to fall on deaf ears,” he added.

While Iran is ranked third in the world in handicrafts industry, its sales are ranked 39th.

The Iranian regime’s own ISNA news agency reports “skyrocketing import of rugs and handicrafts.”

“From March to November 2017, the largest increase in imports was seen in the industries branch, especially in rugs and handicrafts, witnessing a 357 percent increase in comparison to the same period the year before,” the report reads.

In addition to importing Chinese goods through official routes, individuals enjoying close relations with Iranian regime officials are known to even smuggle large amounts of Chinese handicrafts into Iran. This leaves no chance for Iranian craftsman.

The regime’s own media outlets are acknowledging the fact that unbridled smuggling of Chinese handicrafts goods has resulted in Iranian craftsman leaving this field of work.

As a result, it becomes crystal clear that the uncontrolled official and non-official importing of goods from foreign countries, especially China, has placed Iran’s handicrafts industry on the verge of complete bankruptcy.

Despite all the deceptive measures and remarks heard from senior Iranian regime officials, including supreme leader Ali Khamenei, of supporting domestic made goods, the regime’s own officials are directly involved in this destruction of the country’s production lines.

To this end, the Iranian people’s interests, their jobs, a source of income and pride of Iranian culture are literally being destroyed.