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Mine incident in northeast Iran leaves several dead and injured

An accident was reported in the Saman Kavosh mine of Tabas, Northeast Iran-October 18, 2019
An accident was reported in the Saman Kavosh mine of Tabas, Northeast Iran-October 18, 2019

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, October 19, 2019—A number of miners have been killed and injured following a disastrous accident in the Saman Kavosh mine near the city of Tabas located in northeast Iran. This incident took place on Thursday, October 17, and the dead bodies of two workers were pulled out of the rubble in the afternoon hours of that day. Regime officials refused to provide an exact report of the number of miners killed and injured during this incident and many locals were complaining about long delays in emergency units rushing to the scene. Air support was needed due to the terrain and regime officials being very late in their response.

Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi, head of the National Council of Resistance of Iran I (NCRI), expressed her condolences to the grieving family and locals and condemned the mullahs’ regime for plundering the Iranian people’s wealth and wasting it on their nuclear ambitions and foreign meddling.

“My deepest sympathies on the loss of the deprived miners of Tabas and other workers who lose their lives every day due to lack of minimum security measures. Disgraceful gift of the mullahs who plunder our people’s wealth or waste it on anti-patriotic nuclear projects and foreign wars.”



Back in May of 2017, Iran's deputy Labor Minister acknowledged that at least 35 miners were killed in a mine explosion in Golestan Province, northeast Iran, and more than 40 others were trapped. However, the rescuers, according to AFP, had been able to recover only 21 bodies from the coal mine.

Reza Bahrami, a Golestan province mining industry official, said the 21 bodies were those of miners who went into the tunnel in an effort to save their fellow colleagues, including many who were trapped.

Iranian regime president, Hassan Rouhani faced angry protests from victims' families when visiting the area only several days later. His visit was deliberately scheduled two weeks ahead of an election.
Local news agencies showed family members shouting at the president and attacking his vehicle.

The accident was thought to have been caused by concentrated methane gas that was triggered when workers tried to jump-start an engine.
Workers and families were angry over poor safety conditions, but also over delayed wages -- a common problem in factories and industrial enterprises across the country due to the struggling economy.

In June of this year, two coal miners also died from poisonous gas in Shirdarreh coal mine in Mazandaran province, northern Iran. The workers were the victims of the regime's inefficiency in providing safe and proper working conditions. The two poor laborers’ names were added to the long list of victims who die every year due to sub-standard working conditions in Iran’s mines.

A coal mine of Eastern Alborz in northern Iran also had two similar incidents during this period.

While under the mullahs’ dictatorship, Iran is violating all safety standards and breaking records in such breaches, Iranian laborers are paying the price of the regime’s mismanagement with their lives.

The mullahs are wasting all of Iran’s God-given wealth on preserving their rule on the one hand and filling their pockets on the other.

The regime’s warmongering measures across the Middle East region, and especially its recent efforts to sabotage oil transfers in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, its funding of terrorist groups and regional proxies, parallel to its investment on expensive nuclear activities and suppressive measures in the country are being provided for out of the pocket of ordinary Iranian people. This is pushing millions of Iranians into severe poverty and depriving them of all the necessary services and standards of a decent living.

While the mullahs’ regime points out sanctions to deceive the international community, the Iranian people know the root of their problems. They are voicing it in the slogans of their daily protests across the country against the regime’s authorities: “Give up the warmongering acts and think about us.”