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The Majlis is reminiscent of the Shah regime's parliament in its final phase

Parliament members warn of people’s revolt and the toppling of the regime

Iranian regime’s parliament
Iranian regime’s parliament

 Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, March 22, 2019 The Iranian regime’s Majlis (parliament) witnessed scenes reminiscent of the Shah’s parliament four decades ago before the regime was toppled by a popular revolt. A number of MPs discussed the people’s grim living conditions and the explosive state of the society by telling the parliament that "people would eventually get rid of the regime in its entirety."

“Honorable officials of the government speak of human dignity, ethics, and virtue, but people cannot feed their families. We speak of cheap housing, yet people don't even have money to purchase a grave for their dead”, said Ruhollah Hazratpour, MP from Urmia, on March 16. “Teachers everyday tear up their lungs to teach our children, but in the evening the grip of living hardship chokes their throats.”

 Speaking of the daily protests and continued unrest in every corner of the country, Hazratpur warned of a day where all those streams join and form a large river and uproot the regime.

“Our laborers work long and hard, yet they are not paid for months and months and their dinner tables are empty. Banks, which are supposed to be the backbone of production and employment, in our country have become responsible for closing down factories and selling them out cheaply,” added Hazratpour.

“Do you know what happens if we exhaust the people’s patients? Imam Khomeini (the founder of the Islamic Republic) responded to this question. He said beware of the day that people find out your true natures. There would be an explosion. Beware of the day that people rise up and, God forbid, on that day the question would be our survival. We will all be washed out by the people’s revolt,” Hazratpour said, quoting Khomeini’s prediction before he died.

Naser Mousavi Laregani, another MP, discussed on March 17 the people’s harsh living conditions on the eve of the Persian New Year and said: “Nowruz is just around the corner and the pressure from the high cost of living and unemployment has increased many folds.” Addressing the ministers of regime president Hassan Rouhani, he asked “why supplying the basic and fundamental needs of the people has become so difficult for the government? Tens of billions of dollars have been plundered and nobody is shouldering the responsibility.”

Another parliament member took to the podium and questioned the government for the value plunge of the country’s currency. “The drastic drop of the currency value is nothing new and not something that only started a couple of years ago. The currency value nosedive started four decades ago, at the start of the founding of the Islamic Republic.”

A member of the board of directors of the parliament showed the regime’s main fear by bringing up the recent escalation of activities by the PMOI/MEK-affiliated resistance units setting fire to the posters and billboards of the regime’s Supreme Leader and taking to graffiti writing anti-regime slogans in every major town and city in the country. “Why the interior ministry is not doing anything to prevent the destruction of billboards and posters of the regime’s icons on the streets and at the entry of the cities?” he asked.








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