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Iranian regime officials admit to challenges lying ahead in the new year

Uncertainties lie ahead for the mullahs' regime in the Iranian new year
Uncertainties lie ahead for the mullahs' regime in the Iranian new year

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


March 22, 2019 - The spring equinox marks the Persian new year Nowruz, celebrated by Iranians and several other nations in the Middle East.

But last year, even according to Iranian officials, has been a dangerous and crisis-riddled year for the mullahs’ regime. Growing international isolation, a crumbling economy and a dwindling base of supporters can turn this new year a fateful episode for the ruling mullahs that may put an end to their theocracy.

Arman newspaper, affiliated with the so-called moderates tied to regime president Hassan Rouhani, described the new year as “hot” and while acknowledging the challenges and crises the regime faces, it writes: “Increasing numbers of divorce, crime, violence, etc. shows that individual behaviors in the society have a tendency towards violent actions and this can have reprehensible impact in the field of societal conventions.”

“It must be said that if these slippery slope of last year is not controlled, in the dangerous turn of the new year, it can lead to gloomy outputs and results, as it is predicted,” the newspaper further warns.

In an editorial for the same newspaper, Sadegh Zibakalam, another pundit close to Rouhani, writes that considering the current difficulties, he is worried that these problems could become “the root for political action,” which in turn “inflicts the regime with struggles…”

Jomhuri Eslami newspaper, another outlet of Rouhani’s faction, warns the political elite that considering the current difficulties “we all should buckle up and prepare for bearing a difficult year.”

Ebtekar newspaper also predicts: “The is no doubt that this year will be a difficult and tough one for all the people of Iran.”

A few months ago, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei warned about “conspiracies” in the next Iranian year. Conspiracy is the official Iranian parlance for popular uprisings.

Following Khamenei’s statements, his faction’s rank and file, especially the Friday prayer Imams in almost every province, warned about “conspiracies” and “revolts” in the Iranian new year.

Now, while the Iranian new year starts, Rouhani’s faction is following suit and expresses concern about the coming year, describing it as “difficult” and “gloomy.”


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