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Mullahs’ crisis of a dead-end at the crossroads of the Iran nuclear deal

Iran’s regime is in crisis mode over the 2015 nuclear deal’s unknown future
Iran’s regime is in crisis mode over the 2015 nuclear deal’s unknown future

Analysis by PMOI/MEK

Iran, September 13, 2019—While the controversy over how to escape the Iran nuclear deal trap escalates among the political elite, the solutions offered by different factions of the ruling mullahs in Iran just accelerates the current situation.

Both factions agree that loosening the noose of sanctions is key to their regime’s survival but they have fundamental differences on how to achieve that goal.

In response to German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas who recently said that decreasing Iran’s obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) “was completely wrong”, Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, member of the Iranian regime’s Majlis (parliament) Security Commission, implicitly reiterated the need to negotiate with the U.S. “There is no European solution to the JCPOA. Someone who solves the issue can present a solution. The Europeans are in no position to do so,” he said in clear terms.

“Keeping the JCPOA doesn’t need things like INSTEX or other mechanisms that demand a significant amount of time. If Europe had kept its obligations under the JCPOA, deals worth $70 billion would have been signed between Iran and Europe, and the JCPOA would have automatically been kept intact,” he added.

Calling the Europeans “players on the sidelines”, Falahatpisheh concluded: “The JCPOA has some major players, including Iran and the U.S. And there are players on the sidelines who are pushed more to the sidelines by the day.”

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, former chair and a current member of the Majlis Security Commission, shed more light on Tehran’s position on this sensitive matter. “The [Iranian] regime has clearly and transparently announced that if both sides abide by their obligations we will resume our full obligations [under the JCPOA],” he said.

Boroujerdi, a figure close to Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s faction, continued: “To show our goodwill, the state has repeatedly declared that if the Europeans abide by their obligations we will also fully abide by the JCPOA and this shows how honest the regime is about this international agreement.”

Ezzatollah Yousefian Molla, another Majlis member, said, “The major policies of the Islamic Republic” of Iran are “drawn” by Khamenei and “all of us must follow those major policies.”


“The Supreme Leader has assigned this issue to the government to make a decision based on the country’s situation,” he continued.

Revealing his growing concerns over gradually reducing Iran’s obligations under the JCPOA, Yousefian Molla added: “The next steps must be studied carefully.”

Mohammad Ali Pourmokhtar, another Majlis member from Khamenei’s faction, implicitly confirmed the regime’s policy of gradually decreasing its obligations under the JCPOA. “The European signatories of the JCPOA need to return to the JCPOA during this opportunity and act according to their JCPOA obligations. Europeans need to let go of just talking. Unfortunately, their actions show that they have no will to act upon their obligations.”


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