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Iran: Suppression, execution of prisoners

Gohardasht Prison - Karaj, west of Tehran, Iran
Gohardasht Prison - Karaj, west of Tehran, Iran

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Aug. 6, 2019Reports indicate that the clerical regime ruling Iran has stepped up pressure and harassment of political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison (Rajaie-Shahr), west of the capital city Tehran.

Secretly leaked reports from inside the prison show that prison guards, sometimes up to 30, attack prison halls and cells all afternoons and extending into late hours of the night. The attacks usually start at 4 pm and last through midnight. Prison guards viciously attack prisoners, disrupting their sleep and throwing things around while searching their personal belongings. The prisoners are attacked, beaten and harassed, and their personal belongings are broken and destroyed. Any protest or complaints are responded in a harsh manner and the protesting prisoner is sent to solitary confinement.



Execution of two prisoners in Dezful, southwest Iran

Execution of two prisoners in Dezful, southwest Iran


On Sunday, the theocratic regime of Iran hanged two prisoners in Dezful Prison, southwest of Iran. IRNA, the regime’s official news agency, claimed these prisoners were “terrorists” and that the death sentence was carried out in Safi-Abad prison of Dezful. IRNA also indicated that they had spent 4 years in prison before being hanged.

The report also claimed that “these terrorists were organizing a terrorist group with the aim of disrupting the security of the state. They had committed murder, accumulated assault weapons and conducted terrorist operations.”

It is worth noting that the clerical regime uses the term “terrorists” for political prisoners and opponents of the regime. The term “terrorists” is also used against various dual nationals arrested by the mullahs’ regime in order to put pressure on foreign governments for bargaining and making prisoner swaps with its own terrorists apprehended in different countries around the world.

The regime ruling Iran has an atrocious human rights violations record and ranks first in the world in executions per capita.




UN human rights bodies have condemned the Iranian regime on 65 occasions.


The reason for those condemnations is the violation of basic human rights (especially of minorities), executions, brutal punishments such as amputation and flogging, and degrading behavior with prisoners.


These brutal methods started from the days of the regime's coming to power.


Khomeini, 24 August 1979 stressed, "We suppress [the MEK]."


The regime has invented more than 70 methods of torture, including severing hands and feet, gouging eyes, pressing prisoners’ heads with a vise, and rape (especially against women).


Ayatollah Montazeri, Khomeini's heir apparent said on October 9, 1986: “Do you know many were killed under torture by interrogators? Do you know many prisoners were blinded, deafened, paralyzed or suffer chronic pains due to severe torture?”


The regime created cage-like cells, where prisoners were kept for as long as 7 months.


The regime executed 120,000 political prisoners, including even 13-year-old teenagers


Ayatollah Montazeri: “Execution of 13- or 14-year-old girls is horrifying.”


Mollahassani, Khomeini's representative in Urmia, said on December 23, 2000: “[Khomeini] said: If the prisoners are even one million, I will order to open fire on them and massacre them in one night."


Under Khomeini's orders, prison guard extracted prisoners' blood before executing them.


In 1988, Khomeini ordered, "Those who insist on their views in support of the MEK are enemies of God and are condemned to death."


Subsequently, the regime executed more than 30,000 prisoners were in less than two months.


The unbelievable scale of executions and brutal tortures in Kahrizak prison in 2009 and arrest of more than 7,000 individuals during the 2017-2018 uprisings (reported by Amnesty Intl) manifest the continuation of these crimes after 40 years.


These crimes will continue until the day of the regime is overthrown. Because it cannot survive without violating human rights.