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Iran: Grave of executed man destroyed by regime authorities

The grave of Hamidreza Derakhshandeh, recently executed by Iran’s mullahs, has been destroyed by regime officials
The grave of Hamidreza Derakhshandeh, recently executed by Iran’s mullahs, has been destroyed by regime officials

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran September 11, 2019—Following the execution of Mr. Hamidreza Derakhshandeh, the inhumane mullahs’ regime ruling Iran has destroyed the grave of this man, showing how they utterly fear any sign of dissent. Derakhshandeh was executed in late August for killing the chief mullah – representing Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei - in the city of Kazerun, south-central Iran.

The state-run news agency in Iran reported, “The public prosecutor of Shiraz in Fars Province said the poem on his grave was removed based on a judiciary order.”

In response to various news reports in this regard, a wave of anger and hatred targeting the mullahs’ regime was witnessed in social media platforms in support of Derakhshandeh.

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On the of morning Wednesday, August 28, Iranian authorities executed Derakhshandeh, the man who had killed Mohammad Khorsand, the regime’s Friday prayer imam in Kazerun, south-central Iran. Friday prayer imams are mullahs who directly represent Ali Khamenei, the Iranian regime’s supreme leader, in different cities, which makes them utterly hated among the Iranian population who are fed up with the repression and corruption of regime officials.

Last year, Kazerun was shook by popular protests by thousands of citizens who were enraged by the regime’s policies to change the municipal divisions of the city, which would pave the way for more embezzlement by regime officials and result in lower services to the city’s inhabitants.

Popular protests across Iran regularly target Iranian regime officials, including Friday Prayer leaders, for their role in government corruption.

In comments following the killing of the regime’s Friday Prayer leader in Kazerun, Derakhsan had said, “Dear people of Iran, I love all of you, I love the poor people of Iran, those who don’t have bread to eat at night, those who have become sick of having to borrow money to make ends meet…

“I had heard and seen cases of injustice. Hundreds of these cases. There’s only so much I can do to buy and give to the poor. I saw these crimes. I’m not a criminal. This was my first time. My friends know me. I’m not a criminal.”