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Two hanged in northern Iran

Executions in Iran under the mullahs' regime
Executions in Iran under the mullahs' regime

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Aug. 4, 2019The criminal regime of Iran hanged two prisoners on Thursday, August 1, in Lakan Prison of Rasht, a city in northern Iran. Koosha Mottaghi is the only identity released to the public.


Elsewhere, regime authorities sent three prisoners to solitary confinement in Zahedan Prison, southeast Iran, to be hanged soon. One of the prisoners is identified as 27-year old Ebrahim Shahoo-Zehi.


Similarly, a man was sentenced on Friday to be hanged after being accused of killing two repressive agents of the mullahs’ regime. The court in the city of Minab in Hormuzgan province, southern Iran, condemned him to two hanging sentences for the alleged murders.

Ali Salehi, head of the mullahs' so-called judiciary in the province of Hormuzgan, said the sentence was issued after a special investigation into the accusations.

“Following a special investigation into the killing of two sailors in the city of Minab, the criminal court in Hormuzgan province has accused Sh. M. as the main culprit to being hanged twice in public in the city’s main square where the crime was perpetrated. The two agents were killed last June,” Salehi said.

It is worth noting that the regime ruling Iran, with an atrocious human rights record, has the highest number of executions per capita and tops the list of countries executing juveniles.