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Iranian regime concerned of intensifying U.S. policy

The U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
The U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Analysis by PMOI/MEK

May 25, 2018U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent remarks on May 21st tracing Washington’s new policy and strategy vis-à-vis Iran has resulted in a wave of concerns in the mullahs’ ranks and files.

The U.S. administration’s main focus in the Middle East, impacting the entire globe, is none other than the religious fascism and terrorist regime ruling Iran.

Secondly, Pompeo emphasized on an on-the-ground reality in Iran, being the deep struggle between the Iranian people against the ruling mullahs’ regime.

The 12-article speech raised in this speech, enjoying support from across the Atlantic, reach deep down in impacting the Iranian regime’s very nature and existence.

If Tehran is brought to the point of actually living up to these actions, it will no less lead to its utter demise. This is vividly seen in reactions from inside the Iranian regime, especially its own officials and state-controlled media outlets.

Tasnim news agency, affiliated to the IRGC Quds Force:

“We must take the enemy’s economic war against us very seriously. The most important events and developments, from which we are already feeling the impacts, is a U.S.-led economic war against Iran, parallel to heavy U.S. sanctions, which may lead to consequential sanctions levelled against Iran by the European Union, alongside a number of their allies across the globe, has redoubled the importance of this matter.

“The situation in today’s world and the events we are witnessing are nothing to take mildly. They must be confronted very seriously, considering the fact that from the status quo one can forecast a major economic war against us. We must be prepared for everything and in the war command room we must prepare necessary measures to confront the enemy and go on with the country’s daily necessities at the least of our expense. We should not resort only to making remarks (such as ‘who are you to decide for Iran’).”

It is becoming an undeniable reality that the Iranian regime has no practical solution for the road ahead. It must either succumb to the demands or take its chances standing against the will of a major economic confrontation that has already begun, resulting in its completely and undeniable destruction.

One can realize the Iranian regime’s utter despair in the demands raised by supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

If one seeks to seriously analyze Pompeo’s 12-article speech and find a solution for the Iranian regime, we reach a conclusion that Tehran needs to forgo all its major pillars:

  • Crackdown and censorship
  • Warmongering and exporting regional/international terrorism
  • The Revolutionary Guards, Intelligence Ministry and …
  • And finally, the complete mullahs’ regime apparatus.

This is the fork in the road before the Iranian regime, not knowing to face death or commit suicide in fear of death.