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Iranian regime bullies US to keep it in the JCPOA

US_Iran relation
US_Iran relation

Iran, April 24, 2018 - In a speech on Tuesday, April 24 in Tabriz, that was aired on the Iranian state television for internal use and to prop up the demoralized IRGC mercenaries, Iranian regime president warned the White House of "consequences" if the US pulls out of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, formally known as JCPOA.  

“I am telling those in the White House that if they do not live up to their commitments, the Iranian government will react firmly,” Rouhani said during a live state-run television broadcast.

“If anyone betrays the deal, they should know that they would face severe consequences,” he added!  

It is worth noting that the threat of US leaving the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) has rattled the entire clerical system and has made an array of Iranian officials to go on stage and say contradictory statements.


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