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Iran: Dozens of Khuzestan locals arrested following recent protests

Dozens of locals in Khuzestan Province arrested following protests in Kut-e Abdollah and Shadegan
Dozens of locals in Khuzestan Province arrested following protests in Kut-e Abdollah and Shadegan

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, November 14, 2019—Agents of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) have reportedly arrested dozens of locals in Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran, who took part in demonstrations protesting the mysterious death of a man from Shadegan, a city in this province.

Youth in various cities of Khuzestan Province held numerous demonstrations since Sunday night following the suspicious death of Mr. Hassan Heydari. The protesters started fires and took to various other measures as a sign of their protest to the ruling mullahs’ regime.

These demonstrations continued into Monday and in some areas the youths were seen clashing with the regime’s oppressive security forces and police units. The identities of 22 arrested Khuzestan locals have been published to this day.



On November 10 and 11, the residents of Ahvaz, Shadegan and Kut-e Abdollah (southwestern Khuzestan Province), poured into the streets protesting the suspicious murder of Ahvazi poet Hassan Heidari.

On Sunday evening, the people of Ahvaz, Shadegan and Kut-e Abdollah put up barricades, set up fires and blocked various streets during their protests. The youth clashed with the regime’s anti-riot units dispatched to the area with orders to suppress the demonstrations. In some parts of Kut-e Abdollah smoke from burning tires has filled the air.



On Sunday, Mr. Heidari, 29, arrested repeatedly in the past for writing poems critical of the mullahs’ regime, was suspiciously poisoned and subsequently lost his life in a local hospital, according to his relatives.

Deeply concerned over the possibility of these protests spreading, the mullahs’ regime even forced Mr. Heidari’s family to bury his body in secret. Authorities only permitted a small number of Mr. Heydari’s relatives to take part in the funeral ceremony. Nevertheless, a huge crowd went to the cemetery, causing heavy traffic in Kut-e Abdollah.