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Iranian protests: The lessons of Kazerun

A huge gathering of Kazerun people, a show of force and solidarity against the regime
A huge gathering of Kazerun people, a show of force and solidarity against the regime

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, May 23, 2018 - The recent protests in Kazerun became violent as Iranian regime security forces resorted to opening fire on peaceful protesters. These protests, described by many as the Kazerun uprising, gained widespread attention inside the country and across the globe, especially regarding the demands raised by the Iranian people seeking the end of the mullahs’ regime.



Interesting is the fact that Kazerun’s protests showed a very dramatic atmosphere as locals courageously confronted security forces with their chants and staging numerous attacks against state interests. This included setting fire to police stations, torching police vehicles and motorcycles, all in response to the regime’s security forces shooting directly at protesters.

Various videos on social media showed anti-riot vehicles and motorcycles, along with police trailers on fire as people showed their rage and will no longer tolerate such savagery by the regime.



The people of Kazerun, particularly the youth, also showed much perseverance. They portrayed great bravery against all odds, facing attack after attack by security forces and anti-riot units that resorted to unspeakable measures.

The protests in Kazerun also included people from all walks of life, including bazaar merchants and storeowners, school faculty and administrative employees had all closed their places of work. The entire city was involved in the anti-regime protests.

The women of Kazerun also  played a major role in these protests, while young women were also seen throwing rocks at regime forces. A number of women are amongst those wounded in these rallies.

Iranian regime authorities were caught off guard, never anticipating such a massive show of dissent resulting in huge anti-regime protests. Their forces weren’t able to organize accordingly, forcing senior officials to call for reinforcements from Shiraz and Kashan, and as far away as Tehran and Bushehr.

The Iranian regime’s so-called reformists also showed their true colors in the face of Kazerun’s vast protests. First vice president Es’hagh Jahangiri emphasized Kazerun’s protests must be brought to an end immediately, giving a green light to the police to carry out their crackdown plans.

The regime’s so-called parties, both the reformists and hardliners, evenly supported the quelling actions taken in Kazerun, very similar to their unity against the Dec/Jan uprising that shook over 140 cities throughout the country.

Kazerun protesters enjoyed the support of people across the country and Iranians across the globe. College students in Tehran in the north and Bushehr in the south, youths in Shiraz and Oil Company workers, and the Bakhtiary ethnic minority community all expressed their support for Kazerun’s uprisings.

Outside the country, supporters of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in capitals and cities across the globe staged demonstrations, being the voice of Kazerun protesters throughout the world. Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi sent a message expressing solidarity with the Kazerun protesters and called for an international fact-finding mission into the city.

These efforts resulted in United Nations Secretary-General spokesman Farhan Haq recognizing the Iranian people’s right to stage demonstration and adding UN officials are following up on the situation very closely. Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok also defended the right of Iran’s demonstrators.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sent a message condemning the crackdown measures used in Kazerun and supporting their protests. In his recent speech at the Heritage Foundation, Pompeo laid out the new U.S. strategy and recognized the Iranian people’s uprising against a regime of “corruptocrats,” adding the Iranian regime is terrified of the Iranian people, especially women.

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida also placed his weight behind Kazerun’s uprising.

These developments signal a very troubling future the regime as the Iranian people will no longer look back on their intentions to establish freedom and democracy after overthrowing the mullahs regime.