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Iranian opposition convention & the mullahs’ impasse

Iranian Resistance gathering in Paris (file photo)
Iranian Resistance gathering in Paris (file photo)

By; PMOI/MEK staff


June 7, 2018 - In less than a month the Iranian Diaspora will be holding its famous annual convention in Paris, scheduled for June 30th this year. This rally is being held in settings when Iran’s domestic and foreign circumstances indicate a growing turbulence.

In parallel nature, the mullahs are feeling the siege tightening ever more. We are also witnessing how numerous Iranian regime officials are warning of protests across the country and how these numbers are increasing.

There are voices describing the Dec/Jan uprising in Iran as the most significant turning point in this nation’s struggle against the mullahs’ regime.

At the time, a Le Monde piece said this is not merely an “uprising” but a full and complete “revolution.”

Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi provided her take, saying neither Iran’s society, nor the regime ruling Iran, nor its relations with the region and the world will ever return to the circumstances prior to the uprising. All the events and political developments taking place after this uprising and in relation to Iran will be directly related to the massive protests.

This uprising saw nationwide protests in 142 cities throughout Iran. The entire populace revolted, tearing down images of Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Their chants included:

“Mullahs, be ashamed – Let go of the country”

“Seyed Ali, apologies – It’s time to go”

“We will take back Iran”

These protests continued and spread despite a relentless crackdown, the arrest of up to 8,000 demonstrators, many most likely placed under torture, and numbers that authorities claimed committed suicide.

Despite all this, the uprising gave birth to further massive protests in Kazerun, southern Iran, and a nationwide strike by truck drivers across the country. Demonstrations and protest gatherings are also continuously witnessed by credit firm clients demanding their stolen savings returned.

Like never before, this year’s Iranian Diaspora convention will be the voice of protesters all across Iran. The voice of opposition cells directly linked to the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) inside Iran and the millions of Iranians protesting this regime’s rule and demanding regime change; the voice of truck drivers that remain the target of state-led plots to cause rifts in their ranks; the voice of Kazerun and other cities that have and will be rising against all odds despite the regime resorting to brute force.

They deserve to see this rally rise in support of their just cause. They are asking for the world to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Iranian people. They are asking for the international community to recognize this resistance movement as their legitimate voice. They are saying the world shouldn’t be betting on this dead horse – the Iranian regime – and refrain from entering short-term economic contracts.

Fortunately, they have been able to advance their initiatives. Those who believed they could pursue lucrative contracts in Iran are all admitting they can no longer trust the Iranian regime.

Even prior to the U.S. sanctions return timetable coming to an end, numerous contracts and planned measures are being hauled back.

This goes to prove the victory of the Iranian people and their organized opposition, symbolized in the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) that has been calling for sanctions against this regime ever since 1981.

The mullahs have been able to deceive the international community for the past four decades. The Dec/Jan nationwide protests brought this hoax to an end.

This is why the coming uprising in Iran is of such significance, with the potential of ending the atrocities suffered in this country and across the Middle East.