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Iranian authorities make ridiculous claims about Paris riots

Yellow Jackets protests in France
Yellow Jackets protests in France

Analysis by PMOI/MEK staff writer


Dec. 18, 2018 - Lies and outrageous fake news—not the sort of things that are called fake news in the West but outright lies when you say the sun is shining in the middle of the night—aren’t new in the Islamic Republic of Iran, where a minority of the clergy and elite rule over and exploit the majority by violence and more importantly disinformation and myths.

But this time, the mullahs are outperforming themselves, surprising even analysts who are familiar with the inner workings of the theocracy.

Siasat-e Rooz newspaper, tied to Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, published an article on December 8, titled “[France’s] Macron follows Saddam Hussein’s example,” literally describing how the French government has sought out the help of “Monafeghin”—official Iranian term for PMOI/MEK and its members which means hypocrites—to crack down on the yellow vest protesters.

The world record in stupidity has been broken again but the Iranian mullahs, this time in the middle of Champs-Élysées, Paris.

Let’s have a look at parts of the Guinness-record-book-quality article in Siasat-e Rooz. It starts by saying: “These days when we are witnessing the call for justice by the French nation against the liberal masters… these days when Macron’s forces beat and detain crowds of innocent people without respect for human rights, news is that France has sought the help of the Monafeghin grouplet to quell the protests and uses them to beat and detain the people. Yesterday, the terrorists [i.e. PMOI/MEK], to whom France has given refuge, beat and arrested at least thousand individuals.”

It’s unclear how a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, with a GDP of more than $2.5 trillion, and one of the oldest and well-established democracies in the world, would need help from a “grouplet” of “terrorists” to establish peace and the rule of law.

After comparing the “current help” of PMOI/MEK to the French government with yet other lies about PMOI’s past help for Iraq’s former president Saddam Hussein, the article summarizes a series of alleged support and help by the French government to the PMOI/MEK.

It reads: “[MEK leader Massoud Rajavi], alongside [Abolhassan] Bani Sadr, the deposed president [of Iran], fled to France with an airplane and lived there for some time. Based on that one can say that ‘France’ was first in supporting the counter-revolutionaries and this terrorist organization. France, as one of the pretenders of human rights, committed to the most major support for the most anti-human crimes against the Iranian people and its study will reveal new dimensions of the supporters of terrorism in the world.”

It seems, according to the mullahs' version of human rights, anything less than delivering the so-called “Monafeghin” hand-cuffed to the mullahs to be an egregious crime and violation of basic human rights.

The article finishes its argument as follows: “Now it seems that France, which has been a senior supporter of ‘Monafeghin’, is following the example of Saddam Hussein and the Ba’athist regime. Under the rule of Macron, France is terrorizing its own citizens through the terrorist Monafeghin grouplet. The situation begs for an appeal to international human rights institutions to intervene and rescue the French people before this savage grouplet [i.e. PMOI] massacres them.”

Now, the article would make Nazi propaganda chief Paul Joseph Goebbels proud. It’s so full of lies that it’s not even worth your time to raise counter-arguments. But on a deeper analysis, it begs the question of why an Iranian newspaper would write such an article and a series of smaller outlets would follow and republish it?

Don’t the writers and publishers of this article understand that the mere fact of comparing these lies with long-debunked claims against PMOI/MEK in Iraq will discredit them too?

It’s easy to believe that such articles are the product of the sheer stupidity of its writers, but that’s too convenient to be true. The writers understand their own interests very well. I dare to argue that from the viewpoint of the Iranian regime, continuing such ridiculous propaganda is a pragmatic move.

The base of the Iranian regime, the individuals who participate in suppressing the majority of the people, are vital to the whole regime’s survival and they need to believe in myths and lies to continue to operate as the minions of such a brutal regime.

Khamenei knows very well that his so-called revolutionary cries against the great Satan will lead to more isolation in dangerous times, but he chooses the lesser evil and thus keeps his cronies in line with such propaganda.

This very logic applies, even more, when it comes to PMOI/MEK, an organized opposition, that Khomeini himself once called more dangerous than the “great Satan.”

So let us leave the Iranian regime to break its own world records while we move forward in our cause to bring freedom and democracy to Iran.