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Iran: Workers rally outside Ghazvin governor’s office

By: PMOI news desk


Iran, April 25, 2018 – As authorities refuse to provide paychecks of workers in the Ghazvin Steel Company, the previous protest and rallies staged in the town of Takestan are now spreading to Ghazvin, the capital city of Ghazvin Province in northwest Iran. These workers are seen rallying outside governor’s office.

It is worth noting these workers have not received their paychecks or insurance pensions for more than a month. These deprived workers raised their demands with the provincial judiciary, only to be further neglected.


Bahman Taherkhani, prior to becoming the MP of Takestan, served as legal advisor to the Pars Arman Shafagh and the Ghazvin steel companies. An individual by the name of Hassanpour, the owner of the two mentioned companies, was Taherkhani’s main sponsor in the February 2016 elections.

Hassanpour is on the verge of announcing bankruptcy.

On the other hand, Taherkhani is the owner of a sugar cube company. During his time serving as a legal advisor in Ghazvin Province his brother also announced bankruptcy, with the entire dossier riddled with signs of corruption.

According to the Iranian regime’s own existing trade laws, announcing bankruptcy and the judiciary’s confirmation renders certain concessions, including waivers of loans, banking crimes, all taxes and …

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