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Iran truck drivers’ nationwide gain further support

Truck drivers are on strike across Iran
Truck drivers are on strike across Iran

Reported by PMOI/MEK


IRAN: Jun 1, 2018 - People from all walks of life, alongside a variety of entities throughout Iran, are voicing their support for the tens of thousands of truck drivers on strike in this very restive country.



Tehran’s Bus Drivers Union issued a statement supporting the truckers’ protests.

“We consider this strike as completely just and the drivers’ right to continue their protests. We also condemn any acts of aggression against the protesting truck drivers.”

This union is calling for urgent measures in response to the demands raised by these truckers and taxi drivers and calls on the International Transport Workers' Federation to support these strikes.

A group of road and construction engineers in Tehran issued statement in this regard emphasizing:

“At times when our country no longer enjoys anything even resembling tranquility and people’s welfare, and poverty and embezzlement is rampant, we, a group of road and construction engineers in Tehran, support the noble truck drivers on strike throughout Iran. We wish to see their rights fulfilled and hail their strong will.”

A group of retired individuals in Golestan Province, northern Iran, placed their support behind this growing movement.

“Although the oppressive regime seeks to quell the truck drivers’ strike, these truckers and truck owners’ unity and resistance will prevent any such plot from materializing and force the regime to withdraw its plans.”

Political prisoners from across the country, currently exiled in Ardabil Central Prison (northwest Iran), issued a statement on May 29th, adding their voice to this courageous nationwide initiative.

“The truckers’ are standing firm on their demands. What do these truck drivers, bus drivers, sugar cane workers of Haft Tappeh & employees of Hepco, credit firm clients and all the Iranian people demand? Other than their rights and what belongs to them that has been stolen by the ruling regime?

“We support the truckers’ protests and strike, as they have risen against injustice and cruelty. Consider us standing shoulder to shoulder with you. Continue your strikes and protests.”