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Iran: A symbolic move by people protesting regime inaction

The recent floods in Shiraz
The recent floods in Shiraz

Report by PMOI/MEK


Iran, May 8, 2019 - A group of people, especially the youth in the city of Shiraz, in Fars Province, south-central Iran, in a symbolic move exhibited a street show to garner support for residents of flood-hit areas. The initiators of this move dressed in muddy clothes to resemble the flood-hit people. They carried simple tools representing the people’s lost livelihoods during the recent floods and walked down the streets of the city.

They tried to display the peoples’ anger and hatred toward the corrupt regime officials who have not taken any action to relive their miseries.



Furthermore, a group of people in the city of Tabas, South Khorasan Province, eastern Iran, rallied in the streets to protest regime officials’ refusal to repair the badly damaged asphalt road in a local Street. They littered the road with rocks and gravels to express their objection and protests to the regime’s inaction.

Protesters say authorities have been ignoring the problem despite repeated efforts by the people to have their street properly repaired. They say with every car passing, dust and haze spread making the local residents very ill.