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Iran: Shocking revelation of appalling living condition

Iran MP: Rescuing such a society is difficult

Poverty in Iran
Poverty in Iran

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, May 20, 2019 - The Sunday’s open door session of the Iranian regime Majlis (parliament) was the scene of shocking revelations by a number of Majlis members. Fearing social outrage, Majlis members were attempting to put the blame for the people’s appalling living condition on the shoulder of their rival factions.

However, this was only a small portion of reality. On one hand, people are suffering from an extremely dire economic situation with prices continuously skyrocketing, and on the other, vast corruption that is engulfing the entire theocratic system with zero hope of any solution from inside this corrupt regime.


The following are samples of what a small number of Majlis members had to say:


Hajar Chenarani from the city of Neyshabur, northeastern Iran

“I can’t say that our republic is an Islamic republic. A society in which some people consume, but don’t work, while getting richer and richer every day, and some others who don’t consume, but work, yet get poorer and poorer every day. Such a society is indefensible. It is difficult to rescue such a society. We all know that banks are suffering from corruption, plundering, stealing and unauthorized loans of millions of dollars to corrupt elites. But on the other side, these banks confiscate people’s homes, small businesses, factories, and companies to cover for the pandemic corruption they are engulfed in.”


Mohammad Kazemi, from the city of Malayer

“Many of our country’s producers are either in jail or on the run, or even having their production units stopped, due to outstanding bank notices. The distribution system is sheer painful creating lots of problems for our people. For now, the distribution system of essential goods must be done based on rations and allowances in order to prevent families from standing in queues for hours and hours only to get a few kilos of sugar or other goods.   


Reza Ansari, MP from the city of Darab

“Even if sanctions were to end, our problems would not end. Official reports indicate that a major portion of the society is living under the poverty line.

“The Misery Index in Iran has jumped from 20.3% to 40% during the last two years.

“Most of our dealership offices have turned to the back porch of corruption and distributing stolen money. The resources in our nation have turned into lobbyism and political plays for those seeking easy money. Bank Sarmayeh has lost 140,000 billion rials (each dollar equal to 42,000 rials at the regime’s official price) from assets of our teaching staffs. It is obvious why people are fed up of this system…!”


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