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Iran: Report shows numerous protests in different cities

Ahwaz – Employees of the National Steel Group
Ahwaz – Employees of the National Steel Group

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Rasht, northwestern Iran – Credit firm clients demanding their savings returned


Iran, June 3, 2018 - Reports from inside Iran indicate a continuing day of protests on Sunday in cities across the country and by people from all walks of life.

More than 500 employees of the Ahwaz National Steel Company staged a march towards the governor's office. These workers are demanding their paychecks that have been delayed for the past several months.


Clients of the Caspian Credit Co., associated to the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards, protested today in Rasht, northern Iran, and demanded their savings returned.

Employees of the Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company in the city of Shush, southwest Iran, went on strike today protesting three months of delayed paychecks.

A day before, around 400 retired Haft Tappeh employees also held a protest gathering outside the management complex and demanded their retirement pensions. These workers have retired since November of last year and not received their pensions for at least 10 weeks.



Shush – Haft Tappeh employees on strike


Also in Shush drivers of the bus company providing services for the sugarcane workers went on strike on strike, protesting own poor living conditions.

The Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company was once considered an economic powerhouse in Iran. Today, however, this company and its employees are facing extremely difficult conditions due to unbridled sugar imports by the mullahs’ regime. These employees and their families are in desperate conditions and literally living in poverty.

Current and former employees of Isfahan steel mill protested not receiving their paychecks and retirement pensions for the past six months.

Municipality employees in Arak, central Iran, staged a gathering today outside the governor’s office protesting their delayed paychecks.



Arak – Protesting municipality employees


Three political prisoners of Iran’s minority Baluchi community, held in exile in Ardabil Central Prison, located in northwest Iran, wrote an open letter asking the support of human rights organizations for Baluchis in Iran. These three prisoners, held in ward seven of this jail, are Mohammad Saber Malak Raisi, Shir Ahmad Shirani, and Rahmat Hassan Zehi.

These political prisoners are protesting the murder of Baluchi civilians by the Iranian regime’s military apparatus, describing these measures as “revenge.”


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