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Iran report: 233 popular protests in one week

Popular protests in Iran
Popular protests in Iran

Report by PMOI/MEK


Iran, May 26, 2018 - Activists across Iran are reporting a whopping number of 233 protests across the country from May 17th to the 23rd. This leads to an average of 33 protest rallies each day.

The larger portion of the week’s protests reports came from the nationwide truck drivers’ strike that has now engulfed nearly 200 cities in 29 of Iran’s 31 provinces.


Workers’ rallies – 16 cases

An average of two rallies a day were reported by workers across the country.

May 21

  • Municipality workers protesting in Shadegan
  • Hepco Company employees holding a protest rally
  • Zagros district railway employees protesting in Andimeshk

May 20

  • Zagros railway technical workers on strike

May 19

  • Akia auto factory workers protesting in Tabriz
  • Saman Tile Co. workers protesting in Borujerd


Credit firm clients – 4 cases

May 21

  • Clients of Bank Ayandeh protesting in Tehran
  • Clients of Caspian credit firm rallying in Rasht

May 20

  • Clients of Caspian credit firm rallying in Mashhad


College students – 1 case

May 21

  • Students of Open University protested in Tehran

Prisoners – 1 case


Other branches of society – 25 cases

Average of four such protests a day.

May 22

  • Kazerun locals protesting during a burial ceremony

May 21

  • Truck drivers protesting in Zarrinshahr

May 20

  • Ordinary people and storeowners protesting in Shahroud

May 19

  • Arab farmers in protesting in Ahvaz


These cases are those registered by Iranian Resistance reporters and other civilian journalists and reported through social media.

Such measures indicate growing anger among people from all walks of life in Iran, especially those with a lesser income (which the ruling regime considers its main social base), against crackdown and plundering policies of the mullahs’ regime.

These protests and strikes continue the massive Dec/Jan uprising, during which people from throughout the society poured into the streets, calling for the ruling mullahs’ overthrow.