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Iran regime horrified of US military buildup in Persian Gulf

Don’t be afraid, don’t worry when you see US warships are here!

US warships moving toward the Persian Gulf has the mullah’s regime deeply concerned
US warships moving toward the Persian Gulf has the mullah’s regime deeply concerned

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


May 12, 2019Friday prayer sermons in different cities across Iran were the scenes of fear and panic of Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) forces and regime’s officials from the ongoing situation and the prospect of a war in the Middle East.

Representatives of Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in major cities throughout the country spoke candidly of defections and lost morals in all levels of the ruling theocracy, from the IRGC to the executive branch and Majlis (parliament) members. Everybody is worried and warn this could encourage the people to pour into the streets.

“Don’t be afraid and don’t worry as soon as you hear that America’s warships have made a move. If you are faithful you wouldn’t be afraid,” Yousef Tabatabai Nejad, Isfahan Friday prayer imam said during this week’s in the central Iranian city. “… don’t be naïve, don’t worry… If you are afraid, you are not faithful, you are smart and understand that their warships go here and there, they travel a lot, and they don’t pay for the expenses. They come here, Dubai (the capital of the United Arab Emirates) pays, (Saudi) Arabia is the milking cow, as we say, they sometimes have to turn their engines on, or else it would rust. These [movement] are really for that, you must know, they move around their warships and sometimes bring their warships and carriers near us. They only use their assets when they know that their counterparts would not dare to react. They wouldn’t dare use their warships worth billions of dollars and risk being destroyed by a missile. We could hit their ships with dozens of missiles if they decide to make a move. Why? Because this issue is not up to some of our officials to hesitate. This issue is up to our supreme leader and he acts on his words…” he continued to comfort the horrifying forces.

Tabatabaie also supported the regime’s meddling in the affairs of other countries and the warmongering policies in training and building missiles by militants in the region.

“They claim that Iran has given [missiles] and that people in Gaza have built with their own initiatives. Of course, we don’t mind to train them. We are not greedy like the West. We teach what we know to our friends... If they ask, we teach them. We don’t mind teaching them how to build missiles, too… If they want to buy it from us, well, we sell them. We don’t ask for anybody’s permission either. We ask for freedom for just this issue. We want to be our own man. We don’t want to live under anybody’s rule, only under God…” he told his crowd of frightened followers.


Comments by other Friday prayer imams in other cities comforting terrorized devotees:

Nasiri, Dehdasht (southwestern Iran): “The heavy atmosphere of the enemy’s ‘cultural invasion’ is effective… And some defect just by hearing the enemy’s rumors.”


Mofidi, Gorgan (northeast Iran): “America wants to encourage people to revolt against the system.


Taibi, Astaneh-Ashrafia (North of Iran): “The arrogant West is attempting to bring the people, especially the poor segment of the society, into the streets by creating a media war.”


Seyed Mohammadi, Rudbar (North of Iran): “They want to make the people angry and bring them to the streets.”


Moghiseh, Sabzevar (northeast of Iran): “The enemy is trying to create a gap between the people and the system by imposing economic, political and psychologic sanctions on Iran.”


Rasoul Falahati, Rasht (North of Iran): “The country’s officials must not be afraid of the world arrogance (a term used by regime officials for the U.S.). These corrupt networks are trying to escalate fear among the people…”


Ali Akbari, Tehran: “They want to suggest that the Islamic Republic is tied up in a tough blockade. They try to suggest that our people are in crisis mode. They try to suggest that the Islamic Republic’s situation is like Muslims during the Middle Ages…”


Mondegar, Mashhad (Northeast of Iran): “The enemy wants to put all the blames on the supreme leader… Officials shouldn’t be afraid, people shouldn’t be afraid, the executive branch shouldn’t be afraid of American and Europe and Israel. Hey! You MPs! Don’t be afraid, don’t sign the FATF (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering). Hey! You officials, you people, don’t be afraid…”