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Iran Protests Update - Tuesday, May 22nd

 A group of looters held a protest rally In Rasht city north of Iran
A group of looters held a protest rally In Rasht city north of Iran

News Report by PMOI/MEK


May 22, 2018 - As an ongoing trend continues, activists from across Iran continue to report a wide range of protests throughout the country.




Caspian credit firm employees fired from their jobs held a protest rally in Tehran.

Tehran University students held a gathering protesting poor conditions in their campus and college facilities.

Truck drivers in Zarrin Shahr of Isfahan Province, central #Iran, rallying and protesting for higher wages.

Drivers in Khatam, Yazd Province, central Iran, holding a protest rally and blocking a road.

Kariz tanker drivers on strike in Taybad, northeast Iran.




Truck drivers in Bam, Isfahan, Northern Khorasan Province, Zarrin Shahr, Kavar, Arsanjan, Marvdasht, Port Anzali, Bukan and Sabzevar launched a strike today, protesting high prices for spare parts and low wages



Employees of the municipality department in Abadan, southwest Iran, were seen protesting and demanding their delayed paychecks.

Taravros cement workers in Andimeshk, southwest Iran, were fired from work for demanding their delayed paychecks.

Employees of the Iran Poplin Company held a protest rally in Rasht, northern Iran.





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