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Iran protests spread to Tehran’s strategic bazaar + Videos and photos

“Death to Dictator” slogans heard in streets leading to the Tehran bazaar
“Death to Dictator” slogans heard in streets leading to the Tehran bazaar

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, June 25, 2018 (Lead III) - Devoloping story, Protests continue in different parts of Tehran:


4pm local time

Demonstrators in Tehran chant;

What if the people take up arms against the regime, and

Reformists, Principalists, the game is over for all of you




What if the people take arm against the repressive regime



3 pm local time

Demonstrators outside the Tehran bazaar are chanting:

“I will kill those who killed my brother”


2:40 pm local time

“Death to Dictator” slogans heard in streets leading to the Tehran bazaar.

A large crowd seen protesting in the city’s Sepahsalar orchards.

Anti-riot units dispatched to the parliament to confront protesters in this area.


Curtain bazaar protests – Tehran, Iran

Curtain bazaar protests – Tehran, Iran



2:15 pm local time

Protesters in Jomhouri Avenue were chanting: “Khamenei must die”

Courageous merchants were chanting, “We’ll close the bazaar, we’ll free Iran”

People in the city of Shahriar were chanting, “Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, My life for Iran”


2:08 pm local time

Protesters in Istanbul Crossroad were chanting, “Death to the mullahs’ regime principle”

Repressive regime units resorted to firing tear gas towards the protesters.


2 pm local time

Angry protesters outside the parliament set a police motorcycle on fire. They also attacked a number of regime agents.

Most stores are closed from Tehran’s wooden bridge to Shoush Square.

Sporadic gunfire was heard around nonlocal time.


Massive protests in Tehran, Iran

Massive protests in Tehran, Iran



A large crowd of protesters under Tehran’s Hafez Bridge were chanting:

“Let go of Syria, think about us”

In the Lalezar district demonstrators were chanting:

“No fear, we’re all together”


1 pm local time

Clashes between protesters and security forces reported outside of the regime’s parliament.

Angry demonstrators set a police trailer on fire and were seen throwing stones and bricks at the parliament building.

In the cities of Qeshm (southern Iran) and Mashhad (northeast Iran) storeowners were also seen launching a strike and demonstrating in the streets.


12 pm local time

Protesters were seen chanting “Death to Dictator” outside the parliament and clashing with the police. Security forces seen firing tear gas towards protesters.


11:20 am local time

Thousands of protesters were seen chanting in Tehran’s Sepahsalar Crossroad:

“Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, My life for Iran”

“Death to Dictator”

State police were seen attacking the protesters and demonstrators responded by chanting, “Shame on you.”


10:50 am local time

Protesting bazaar merchants in Lalezar Avenue were chanting:

“Let go of Syria, think about us”

People in Tehran were also chanting:

“We will die yet we won’t accept humiliation”

“Our enemy is right here, they lie and say its America”

Merchants are chanting, “Let go of Syria, think about us”

Anti-riot units on motorcycles are seen heading from Istanbul Crossroad to the north of the capital.

Merchants in the auto parts bazaar have also joined the strike and ongoing demonstration.

The number of vehicles with tinted windows are increasing in the streets. They are mainly belonging to regime authorities. Officials are very terrified.


Anti-government demonstration in the capital Tehran (June 25)


Demonstration in Tehran against the regime



Jomhouri (Republic) Avenue is effectively blocked and closed down.

People in the streets around Tehran’s bazaar are heard chanting “Death to Dictator.”


Demonstrators confront the hurds of anti-riot police



City centers are very crowded and anti-riot units are heading towards Baharestan where the parliament is located.

Valiasr Crossroad is filled with plainclothes agents and anti-riot units.




Following yesterday’s protests over skyrocketing currency prices in Tehran, the capital of Iran, today merchants of the city’s famous bazaar were seen closing their shops and marching towards Baharestan Square.



This morning various sections of the bazaar, including the textile stores, gold retailers, Pachenaz, the shoe-makers, the main section of the bazaar and many other branches witnessed store-owners going on strike and calling on their colleagues to join their ranks. All these merchants are protesting the climbing price of various currency and the nosedive of Iran’s currency, the rial.



The protesters, with more store-owners joining their ranks as the demonstration continues, are reported to be chanting:

“Let go of Syria, think about us”

“Proud merchants, support us”

“We don’t want US dollars at 100,000 rials”

“Strike, Strike”




On Sunday, store owners in the Aladdin and Charsou malls went on strike and also marched towards Baharestan Square.

The Iranian regime’s Fars news agency reported, “Protesting the market’s recession, skyrocketing currency prices and the lack of customers, store owners have been closing their shops.”

Complimentary reports will be updated.