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Iran protests: Shahroud [Shahrud] locals against relocation of Road & Const. Dept.

Protests in Shahroud [Shahrud], northeast Iran
Protests in Shahroud [Shahrud], northeast Iran

Reported by PMOI/MEK inside Shahrud


Iran, May 20, 2018 - For the third consecutive day a large crowd of locals in Shahroud, northeast Iran, rallied in the city on Sunday, protesting plans by authorities to transfer the city’s Road and Construction Department to Semnan, the capital of their province.

Demonstrators were seen gathering at the entrance of the city market located on “22 Bahman” Street.

All store-owners and bazaar merchants in Shahroud’s fruit market have closed their shops and joined the protesters’ ranks.



Saturday’s demonstrations saw protesters completely blocking the 22 Bahman Street and continuing to express their protests throughout the city.

Protesters had also rallied on Friday night.

Iranian regime authorities are now pointing fingers in this regard, concerned these protests in Shahroud will gain strength, similar to the scenes witnessed in Kazeroun, southern Iran.

Shahroud is the largest city in Semnan Province, with access to the east and west parts of this governorate. As a result, placing the provincial Road and Construction Department in this city is completely logical and transferring it to another city has raised protests and tensions amongst the locals.