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Iran Protests: Minibus, bus drivers’ strike

Bus drivers on strike in Zanjan, northwest Iran
Bus drivers on strike in Zanjan, northwest Iran

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, May 16, 2019On Wednesday, minibus drivers in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad went on strike by parking their vehicles in Shahnameh Boulevard, protesting regime officials’ failure to respond to their demands.

It is worth noting that in a collective open letter, private minibus and bus drivers wrote that the city is charging them yearly fees just for being allowed to drive in the city, whereas private minibus owners do not have to pay this fee since they are not part of the city bus system. The letter adds that regarding a large number of such vehicles in the city [being around 5,000] they demanded answers from city officials.





Private bus drivers on strike in the city of Zanjan, northwest Iran

Private bus owners and bus drivers in the city of Zanjan, northwest of the capital Tehran, went on strike on Wednesday, protesting not receiving responses to their raised demands.

Bus drivers went on strike to protest low travel fees, high cost of spare parts, tires, and accessories. The price of engine oil has jumped from 3 million to 8 million rials (around $55). They said the city is not providing any assistance for them and under the current situation, they cannot continue their line of work as they are unable to make the ends meet.

The striking bus drivers in Zanjan and its suburbs said insurance is also another problem in addition to the high cost of operating their vehicles.

It is worth noting that during the past month, a number of cities have shown repeated strikes by taxi drivers as well as bus drivers due to the irregular increase in the price of parts and low fares.



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