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Vast media coverage of the major Iranian demonstration in London

Over 3,000 PMOI-MEK supporters rallied in London to voice support for protests inside Iran – July 27, 2019
Over 3,000 PMOI-MEK supporters rallied in London to voice support for protests inside Iran – July 27, 2019

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, July 29, 2019 - A wide variety of media outlets have been providing continuous coverage to the 3,000-strong London rally held by supporters of the Iranian opposition group People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in support of protests inside Iran and the initiative of regime change in Iran by the Iranian people.

The London-based Ilaf website wrote, “British speakers called on their government to change its current policies of appeasement vis-à-vis Iran and adopt a firm stance, and recognizing the Iranian people’s democratic demands. They also called for an initiative to force the Iranian regime to provide democracy, respect human rights, end all executions, stopping all warmongering activities, exporting of terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, and halting its nuclear program.”


Sunday Express:

Iran and the USA have seen heightened tensions in recent months - but now the UK has been brought into the furor. Earlier this month Tehran seized a British-flagged tanker in the Strait of Hormuz - where almost a fifth of the world’s oil passes through the narrow strait, just off the south coast of Iran. The capture was apparently in retaliation for the detention of one if Iran’s own tankers by British forces off the coast of Gibraltar. But the move has seen the crisis with Iran spiral to almost out of control levels - and the UK government have now been urged to act against the regime.


Iranian people held rally in London

Iranian people held a rally in London



On July 27, some 3,000 Iranians living in the UK demonstrated on the streets of central London, demanding comprehensive sanctions against the mullahs’ regime.

Along with deteriorating international relations, the regime in Iran is accused of severe human rights violations and barbaric treatment - especially of prisoners, such as that of Britain’s own Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.

Matthew Offord, MP for Hendon in north London, demanded action be taken now.

He told the chanting crowds: “The decision by world powers to decouple human rights and terrorism from the nuclear deal was a mistake and a missed opportunity.

“I know that many of my cross-party colleagues in both houses of Parliament agree with this assessment as we face growing aggressions from the regime in the Persian Gulf, seizing a British tanker in violation of International Law.

“Our response must be firm and result in a firm, principled policy towards the regime that holds its leaders and IRGC to account for these atrocities.

“I believe the UK Government must now act to proscribe the IRGC and the Ministry of Intelligence as terrorist organizations in their entirety in response to Teheran's aggression.”

Banners and flags were unfurled on Saturday as the defiant crowds chanted message against the regime.

Thousands of people descended on Trafalgar Square, many of whom were exiles who were forced to flee from their homes under the brutal and oppressive regime.

The rally was just one of the dozens being held across Europe and Washington, with protestors demanding action is taken to halt the regime.

NCRI’s president-elect Maryam Rajavi called on Britain and Europe to stop “paying ransom to the mullahs” in a speech projected onto a screen at Trafalgar Square.

She added: “We urge Britain, Europe, and all governments to halt giving concessions to the mullahs.

“Do not help them decrease the sanctions. Stand up to them. Place the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the mullahs’ Gestapo [Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS)], Khamenei’s office and [Iranian regime President] Hassan Rouhani on the terror list.

“I specifically urge the new UK government to support human rights, namely the suppressed human rights of the people of Iran.

“I urge them to take action to send an international fact-finding mission to Iran to visit the regime’s prisons and the political prisoners particularly, the women.”


Okkaz Daily of Saudi Arabia:

Demonstrators in downtown London rallied against the mullahs’ regime in Iran, calling on the United Kingdom to designate the IRGC, the MOIS and the office of Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei as terrorist entities.


Al Arabiya:

Titled “Supporting the Iranian people’s protests,” the demonstration was held following a series of rallies and gatherings by Iranian dissidents during the past few weeks covering the capitals of various countries, including the United States and Western Europe.


“Supporting the Iranian people’s protests,” the demonstration held rally in

“Supporting the Iranian people’s protests,” the demonstration held a rally in London


Arab News:

Thousands of exiled Iranian dissidents rallied in Trafalgar Square in London on Saturday to demand regime change in Tehran, urging new UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to get behind their campaign.


Thousands of exiled Iranian dissidents rally in Trafalgar Square in London

Thousands of exiled Iranian dissidents rally in Trafalgar Square in London



The event organized by the National Council of Resistance of Iran came amid tension between London and Tehran over the seizure of a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz.

As the rally took place in the British capital, Iran snubbed a diplomatic initiative by Oman to mediate in the tanker dispute and tried to shift the blame for the stand-off onto other regional countries.

In further evidence that tough US sanctions are crippling the Iranian economy, new figures showed that China’s crude oil imports from Iran sank by almost 60 percent in June compared with a year earlier.

The rally in London was one of a series of protests being held across Europe and in Washington, DC. The Iranian government was one of the most dangerous in the world, operating in one of the most concerning areas, former Conservative MP Brian Binley told Arab News.

 “I promise I will do my best to arrange a meeting with Boris Johnson, in conjunction with my colleagues, and attempt to get a better reaction to the Iranian situation than we’ve had from previous governments,” he said.

Struan Stevenson, the coordinator of the Campaign for Iran Change, said: “We want regime change, we want to get rid of this evil regime. We’re here underneath the statue of Admiral Nelson. What would Nelson make of a British ship being seized by pirates? He would be turning in his grave.

“So our message today to Boris Johnson is to be tough on this regime as they are spreading terrorism and war across the Middle East and the world.”