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Iran: Nationwide protest/uprising in the making

Iran protesters setting security vehicles ablaze (File Photo)
Iran protesters setting security vehicles ablaze (File Photo)

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, June 3, 2018 - Fearing further protests and the international political balance of power tilting against the mullahs’ regime, senior officials and those considered close to regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei are seen warning of another uprising spark across the country.

The people’s rightful demands, expressed in marches, turned into a security situation back in Dec/Jan, they say. This can lead to a new such episode and result in a far larger crises engulfing the entire regime.

Senior Iranian regime officials consider the road ahead very much similar to a minefield, especially with protests and strikes on the rise. Some are going as far as saying members and supporters of the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) members and supporters “laying the mines.”

Pars News, associated to the faction loyal to Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei, wrote recently:

“Following the Dec/Jan protests, last month the border city of Baneh in Kurdistan Province went on strike for 25 days… Then we witnessed the revolt in Kazerun… And now, in late May and early June, we have truck drivers’ on strike…

“We would be mistaken to think these issues are unrelated… We would be naïve to think this will no longer become crisis-building subjects in the coming months. The Americans have plans to implement their 12 conditions and based on their public remarks they are specifically counting on popular unrest.

“Finding reasons (read laying mines) for strikes, street revolts, be it economic, cultural or political mines… placing mines targeting sensitive areas are to be carried out by moles, and PMOI/MEK members and supporters… look out for mines.”

Another such voice made further remarks shedding light on the depth of Tehran’s concerns.

“In recent days, coinciding with protests staged by people from all walks of life, such as the truckers, our officials are attempting to both recognize the problems and resolve them through understanding. However, the (PMOI/MEK), who always… take advantage of all opportunities by issuing statements… attempt to politicize these ordinary demands and portray themselves as defenders of their rights.”

Siyasat-e Ruz daily, another state-run outlet in Iran, provided further insight.

“As domestic media remained silent, truckers in various parts of the country staged strikes… dissident media outlets, however, launched their efforts from day one… the people are voicing their just demands under the framework of simple marches, and in Dec/Jan these measures turned into security challenges. This example can be repeated in this regard. As our officials and media are not absent, dissident outlets began their efforts from day one…
Regarding the credit firms (known to plunder ordinary people’s savings), again we witnessed the same scenario, opening the path for dissident media and the (PMOI/MEK)… This time around the crisis formed from the very beginning and continued to gain strength.

A newspaper linked to Iranian president Hassan Rouhani writes of “super challenges.”

“A large number of our youths are seeking job opportunities, and there is this concern that the issue of unemployment becoming more than an economic matter, evolving into a social and security subject. Any of these superchallenges are enough to overthrow a political body and we are currently engulfed with numerous superchallenges all at once and in one place… we are in the midst of the most complex and sensitive situation in the past century, and in today’s highly tumultuous globe, there are no scenarios written in our interests.”


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